Celebrating Excellence: Introducing the Top 100 Female B2B SaaS Pipeline Pioneers of 2024

Celebrating Excellence: Introducing the Top 100 Female B2B SaaS Pipeline Pioneers of 2024

Women continue to shape the B2B SaaS industry by propelling innovation and fostering inclusive growth. They are architects of progress, breaking barriers, leading with empathy, and redefining success on their terms. At SalesIntel, we recognize the invaluable contributions of female leaders in B2B SaaS beyond the confines of a designated month. That’s why we’ve meticulously curated a list of the “Top 100 Female B2B SaaS Pipeline Pioneers” of 2024. 

Our selection criteria encompass a diverse spectrum of roles within the B2B SaaS ecosystem. From sales to marketing, partnerships to community engagement, operations to customer success, and human resources, this list is a testament to women’s multifaceted expertise and leadership prowess across various domains.

This compilation goes beyond recognizing individual achievements and aims to bring attention to the collective force of female leadership propelling our industry forward. Each pioneer on this list embodies resilience, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, regardless of their title or function.

To all the incredible women featured in this list, we extend our heartfelt gratitude and admiration for your unwavering dedication and trailblazing spirit. Your authenticity, tenacity, and visionary leadership catalyze continued growth and inclusivity. Together, let’s continue to uplift, empower, and celebrate the remarkable women shaping the future of B2B SaaS.


Meet the Top 100

Alexine Mudawar

Alexine Mudawar

CEO of Women in Sales


Expertise: Outbound Selling, Pipeline Generation, Sales Coaching & Development, Social Selling

About: My sales career started early in my childhood walking around my neighborhood selling door-to-door. A lot has changed since those early days, but my strategy remains the same— canvas a territory, develop an ideal customer profile, knock on doors, understand my buyer, develop relationships, and close business.

Carrying 10+ years of SaaS sales experience, I am backed by numerous President’s Club awards, quarterly high achievement recognitions, and a consistent track record of surpassing quota. I serve as CEO of Women in Sales with a focus on elevating, empowering, and promoting women within the sales profession.

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Alexis Rivera Scott

Alexis Rivera Scott

Managing Partner, Sales, & Partnerships at Verbatim

Expertise: Partnerships, Brand, GTM, Content, Career Development, 

About: Exciting times over here! Navigating the world of entrepreneurship and working with founders and executives to build their brands via LinkedIn ghostwriting.

If you ask those who know me, connecting people is my true superpower. I work hard to strategically build long term partnerships and create win-win outcomes so that everyone is making money.

With experience in both sales and marketing leadership, I’ve consistently built scalable processes and teams, and have a deep commitment to fostering a positive company culture through clear communication and an infectious can-do attitude. 

Over the last 4 years, I have built my own personal brand on LinkedIn to 75k+ followers with over 9.5 million impressions of my content in the last 12 months. I am actively working with brands for influencer marketing and content creation partnerships.

When I am not working with marketing clients, I’m The Fairy Job Mom 🧚🏻‍♂️ – helping mid to senior level professionals show up and present their best selves – job seekers & executives alike! I have been featured in the Wall Street Journal for my job search networking tactics, and currently coach job seekers in their next career move.

Two goals in business: have fun, and make money. If you are doing both – #winning

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Ali Kaltman

Ali Kaltman

VP, Brand Marketing Lead at JP Morgan Chase & Co

Expertise: Brand, Social Media, Digital Marketing, GTM

About: Ali is currently the VP, Brand Marketing Lead for J.P. Morgan Payments, bringing new brand initiatives to market. As part of the Growth and Creative Strategy team, she comes up with new marketing programs to amplify existing campaigns or product launches, creating culturally-relevant earned media moments for the J.P. Morgan Payments brand. She also manages the relationship with WIRED Magazine on the expansion of their co-created Payments Unbound platform, celebrating the innovations and leaders of the payments industry. Ali started her career as a Global Management Trainee at AB InBev, ultimately holding roles in creative strategy and brand management for innovation products. After her work at InBev, she joined Salesforce to bring a fresh approach to their innovation marketing.

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Alina Vandenberghe

Alina Vandenberghe

Co-Founder & CEO of Chili Piper

Expertise: GTM Strategy, Leadership, Culture, Entrepreneurship, Sales

About: Started my own company before high school to pay for my own education. Sold lipstick and my tech skills. Decided to do a master in computer science because make-up was a low margin business

Went on to create first mobile products with millions of users for Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Pearson. Some of them went to be keynoted on stage by Steve Jobs.

The past few years have got me back to entrepreneurship and it fits me like a glove. I founded Chili Piper – the demand conversion platform that doubles inbound conversion rates for cool companies like Spotify, Airbnb, Snapchat, Shopify and thousands others. Recently gone through a financial transaction that got us close to a billion dollar valuation.

On LinkedIn I write about lessons I learned as a woman & mom entrepreneur and hope to help others find their own giants within to prevail in their lives at work.

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Alli Holder

Alli Holder

VP of Sales at Kirkpatrick Price

Expertise: Cybersecurity, Leadership and Sales Tactics

About: Seasoned leader with over 15 years of experience in driving revenue growth, leading cross-functional teams, and helping companies scale. Skilled in developing and implementing customer-centric strategies that drive engagement and increase revenue.

Proven history of leading teams to deliver exceptional results, reduce churn, and drive growth. Consistent track record of growth and success, both in responsibility and revenue. A servant leader with a strong operational mindset focused on organizational health and growth.

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Amanda Bagley

Amanda Bagley

Account Executive at AudiencePlus

Expertise: Owned Media, Content Creation, Marketing, Sales

About: I am a seasoned SaaS sales professional with a background in overarching quota. Most of my experience has been in the startup environment. I now work at AudiencePlus where I spend my time helping content teams own their audience.

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Amanda Natividad

Amanda Natividad

VP Marketing at SparkToro

Expertise: Email Marketing, Social Media, Content Creation, Events

About: I’m currently VP Marketing for audience research startup, SparkToro. I’m also a contributor for Adweek, a Le Cordon Bleu-trained chef, and a former journalist.

Previously: Led marketing for Growth Machine; led marketing for Liftopia; built Fitbit’s B2B content program; led content & comms for NatureBox.

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Amelia Taylor

Amelia Taylor

Founder of The Revenue Table

Expertise: GTM Strategy, Community-Led Growth, Brand Awareness, Content, Strategic Sales

About: As a daily challenger of the status quo, I learn best by taking action with a strategic, yet rebellious mindset…

Through grit, learning my strengths, and being intentional with where I add the most value as I continue to grow my network, I strive to master the key fundamentals needed to generate more ROI through establishing long-term relationships – bridging the gap between buyer problems and seller solutions.

Whether I am winning or learning by doing, I’m growing. With growth I believe more opportunities, wins, losses, in all fashions, will be presented – but ultimately the knowledge of becoming the person I tell myself I will be, both professionally and personally will be in full reach.

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Amy Volas

Amy Volas

Founder & CEO of Avenue Talent Partners

Expertise: Sales & CS Hiring Strategies, Leadership Tips, Sales Training

About: Meet Amy, a seasoned leader dedicated to transforming the startup landscape. With over 25 years of experience in sales, Amy has closed $100 million in revenue and earned a reputation for excellence.

Specializing in executive searches, she recruits Sales and Customer Success leaders, guiding founders to establish effective hiring systems. As a Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital, they invest in and advise startups.

Rejecting one-dimensional algorithms, Amy advocates for a people-centric approach to hiring. They understand the high stakes of selecting the right leaders and emphasize diversity and excellence.

For Amy, helping high-growth SaaS startups thrive is a calling. Through a structured process, they ensure optimal outcomes and forge lasting relationships. As an executive recruiter, advisor, and mentor, she empowers startups to succeed in a dynamic market.

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Angela Snyder

Angela Snyder

Copywriter, Content Creator, & Personal Brand Strategist

Expertise: Content Creation, Social Media, Branding, Relationship Building, Community & Community Engagement

About: Hi, I’m Angela! I am happiest when I’m building relationships, empowering others, and cuddling with my puppy. I have explored 31 countries so far and am always looking forward to my next adventure!

I’m a self-starter with a growth mindset and can-do attitude. I enjoy being creative and taking risks. My love of writing, personal branding, and community building led me to marketing. I’ve worn many hats, but at my core I’m a storyteller and brand evangelist who believes in relationship-led growth.

Before pivoting into the tech world, I was an elementary educator for 8 years. I even established an international school in Europe! Living and working abroad really strengthened my confidence, empathy, and self-awareness.

As a lifelong learner, I’m always eager to tackle new challenges and add new tools to my tool belt! My greatest strengths are communication, collaboration, adaptability, and perseverance. I strive to have a positive impact on the lives of others and to leave the world a better place than I found it.

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Ann Handley

Ann Handley

Chief Content Officer at MarketingProfs

Expertise: Digital Marketing, Content, Branding

About: As the world’s first Chief Content Officer, Ann Handley speaks and writes about how you can rethink the way your business markets.

Cited in Forbes as the most influential woman in Social Media and recognized by ForbesWoman as one of the top 20 women bloggers, Ann Handley is the Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs, a training company that empowers marketers internationally with the skills they need to drive success at their companies. 

Ann is a speaker, author, and member of the LinkedIn Influencer program. She is the author of the Wall Street Journal best-seller on business writing, “Everybody Writes,” and the co-author of the best-selling book on content marketing, “Content Rules: How to Create Killer Blogs, Podcasts, Videos, Ebooks, Webinars (and More) That Engage Customers and Ignite Your Business.” 

A pioneer in digital marketing, Ann is the co-founder of ClickZ.com, which was one of the first sources of digital marketing news and commentary.

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Ashley Faus

Ashley Faus

Head of Lifecycle Marketing, Portfolio at Atlassian

Expertise: Lifecycle Marketing, CRM, Product Marketing, Account Management Social Media, Demand Gen, Thought Leadership, Lifecycle Marketing

About: Marketer, writer, speaker by day… singer, actor, fitness fiend by night!

I’ve handled all aspects of marketing strategy and execution, from social media, to content and editorial, to demand-gen and events. I love telling the high-level stories that resonate with an audience and connecting the dots between types of assets and distribution channels.

My writing has been published on TIME, Forbes, MarketingProfs, and The Muse, and I’ve spoken on various marketing topics for INBOUND, Harvard Business Review, and MarketingProfs.

Visit http://consciouslycorporate.com/ for more about my marketing experience, observations, and philosophy on practicing marketing, as well as posts about corporate life, etiquette, and decisions.

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Bethany Stachenfeld

Bethany Stachenfeld

Co-Founder & CEO of Sendspark

Expertise: B2B Sales, B2B Marketing, Technology, Entrepreneurship, Startup Strategy, Digital Marketing

About: Bethany Stachenfeld is co-founder & CEO of Sendspark. Prior to founding Sendspark, Bethany was Head of Marketing for 2 B2B SaaS Startups: Filestack and VidGrid.

Bethany is deeply involved in the startup community, and has been part of Venture for America, 500 Startups, OnDeck, and the Stage2 Accelerator (Catalyst). Bethany lives in New York City where she enjoys acroyoga, hydroponic gardening, and practicing martial arts (fun fact: Bethany is a 3rd degree black belt in Isshinryu Karate).

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Brianna Doe

Brianna Doe

Managing Partner at Verbatim

Expertise: Branding, B2B Marketing, Digital Marketing, Professional Development, Entrepreneurship

About: According to my mom, I started writing stories when I was 3 years old. One day, I picked up a pencil, and I never put it down. I’ve carried that love for storytelling into every facet of my life & career. As a marketer, writer, and entrepreneur, my goal is to share my story & amplify others’.

About My Work: I’m the Founder of Verbatim, a BIPOC & women-owned marketing agency. With over a decade of experience in influencer marketing, growth marketing, and content marketing, I enjoy bringing a 360-degree perspective to my work.

About Verbatim: Verbatim is a marketing agency that serves investment firms and their portfolio companies. We offer full-service marketing support across brand strategy, content, growth marketing, web design, social, and influencer marketing. 

Outside of Work: I’m a movie buff who enjoys live standup comedy, barre, and the Oxford comma. Avid collector of art, tattoos, and candles that smell like cookies.

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Caroline Holt

Caroline Holt

Founder & Principal Consultant of Toying With This Idea LLC

Expertise: Sales Enablement, Sales, Hiring & Onboarding

About: So nice to meet you! I am a results-oriented leader with extensive experience driving revenue from pipeline gen to closing, and reducing friction in the sales and renewal process for AMs, AEs and SDRs, while juggling the intense and fun worlds of parenting teenagers. My passions extend from building processes and systems to support sustainable growth, to designing sales training programs to onboard and upskill sales teams and to owning the product marketing voice and managing the solutions engineering teams and innovating and owning the RFP response team. I obsess about the customer.

I have extensive experience building sales enablement materials ranging from competitive differentiation tools, to capabilities & pitch decks and proposals to building or refining talk tracks and creating demand gen sound bytes.

My background as a sales performer makes me compelling and relevant in training and education. 

I generated nearly $8M in revenue across 5 years of direct sales (at a $30k ARR) as a rep; consistent overachievement on quarterly and annual sales goals, and consistent overperformance as sales manager from both building small teams to scaling Enterprise teams. Able to establish rapport and credibility with diverse clients. I began on the product side, then moved into sales as an SDR and top scheduler. I get both the direct sales and sales coaching/enablement worlds intimately.

I am passionate about sales enablement, training and reducing friction in the sales process. I geek out on the Challenger Sales model, Solutions Selling, SPIN but have also created my own called SalesBalls trademark & methodology as well that capitalize on my love of tennis and keeping your eye on the three most critical balls coming at you during the sales process: Need, Value and Decision Process. I have a proven track record of needs diagnosis and solutions framing, metrics-driven management, team building and staff management.

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Celeste Bayles

Celeste Bayles

VP of Sales Ops at DISA Global Solutions

Expertise: Sales Ops Best Practices, Leadership, Strategy

About: Extensive product knowledge coupled with creative ideas for product applications and promotions creates a solid history of sales success. I have a strong history of proven ability to not only develop sales potential in new market areas, but also build a fervent sales team to do the same. 

I have strong analytical and planning skills, as well as having the ability to coordinate the efforts of many to meet organizational goals. I set realistic goals that push me to get better every week, month, quarter and year. My productive and efficient work habits help me and my team meet and exceed those goals.

I am self motivated and have an infectious attitude with high energy. Not only do I improve sales, but also I improve work environments by utilizing proven techniques that lower cost and increase sales as well as welcoming teamwork opportunities.

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Charlene Li

Charlene Li

Founder & CEO of Quantum Networks Group

Expertise: AI, Efficiency, Disruption, SaaS, GTM

About: I catalyze transformation as an expert on disruptive transformation strategy and leadership. I’m an entrepreneur and NY Times bestselling author and have seen business, society, and the world undergo seismic changes. My work includes writing books, speaking, advising, and coaching companies and their leaders and I’ve worked with 14 of the Dow Jones 30 companies. 

I help leaders and their organizations in three ways: 

1) Research, Writing, and Streaming: I share my research and thinking through books and articles. I stream weekly here on LinkedIn, usually Tuesday at 9 am PST. I research and develop strategies for disruptive innovation, leadership in challenging times, and the impact of generative AI on the future of work. I was named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices on Company Culture in 2022. 

2) Speaking and Workshops: From conference keynotes to intimate executive gatherings, my speeches and workshops educate and identify specific actions people can take to start making the future a reality today. Peppered with relevant examples, I tailor the content for every audience. I love creating “a-ha” moments when the audience sees what is possible in the future and has the confidence to take the next step. I specifically emphasize the importance of relationships, empathy, and wisdom in leadership and transformation. Partial client list and appearances include Adobe, Banfield, Cloudera, Coty, Genesys, KPMG, Novartis, Oracle, Providence Health, SAP, SxSW, TED, Tony Robbins, US Navy, Verizon, Workplace from Meta, World Business Forum, and the World Economic Forum. 

3) Advisory and coaching. I take on a few select advisory and coaching clients a year, typically on a retainer basis. My advisory work addresses specific transformation challenges facing an organization, from shifting strategic focus to driving culture change. In my coaching, I work with people who are already great leaders and support them in leading disruptive, transformative change using a stakeholder-centered coaching approach developed by Marshall Goldsmith. Clients have included: Adobe, IBM, Microsoft, Southwest Airlines.

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Charlie Saffro

Charlie Saffro 

CEO & Founder at CS Recruiting

Expertise: CS Recruiting, How she built her business, Building company success and loyal employees 

About: Success often comes down to “who you know” and at CS Recruiting we go beyond networking to help match job seekers to employers.

What’s my why? It’s to make meaningful connections that empower and inspire others to discover their full potential. Simply put, I believe in the power of connection. And, this is why I consider myself a recruiter by trade and a connector by heart.

As a self-taught recruiter, I believe recruiting is a science and an art. As a hands-on Recruiter for many years, I love the thrill of bringing people together to make relevant introductions at the right time. 

I connect with myself through daily walks, yoga and meditation and I prioritize connection with friends and family; including my three sons and my extended family of team members. I thrive on making connections within my professional network and as a lifelong matchmaker.

I prioritize employee engagement and lead my team with compassion and empathy. I am a believer in leading by example. I strive to create a culture of connection, appreciation and respect and only hope our clients do the same for the candidates we place at their companies.

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Chelsea Castle

Chelsea Castle

Senior Director of Brand & Content at Lavender

Expertise: Content marketing, writing, editing, SEO, brand strategy, positioning, messaging, UX/UI/IA, email marketing, marketing strategy, user research, enablement, project management, and people management. 

About: Journalist turned content strategist and marketer. 12+ years experience. 6x content leader.

I possess a natural flair for wearing multiple hats and working symphonically across functions to tell effective stories and make an impact.

I’m a dynamic leader and enthusiastic collaborator with a reputation for sensibility, scrappiness, and a human-centric yet data-informed approach to creating engaging content that drives results and serves an audience.

I’ve never met a spreadsheet I didn’t love, nor a mistake I haven’t learned from. Fancy myself a startup Swiss army knife.

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Chelsea Madden

Chelsea Madden

VP of Customer Success & Partnerships at SalesIntel

Expertise: Partnerships, Customer Success, Relationship Building, Data Management, Ideal Customer Profile Creation, Audience Targeting, Intent Data

About: Chelsea Madden is the VP of Customer Success and Partnerships at SalesIntel. She is passionate about the customer experience, viewing three areas as the ingredients to customer success: aligned goals, adoption for growth, and constant awareness leveraging data.

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Christina Brady

Christina Brady

CEO & Co-Founder of Luster

Expertise: Culture, Sales, Sales Training, Customer Success

About: With 16+ years of overall SaaS sales experience, covering both land and expand strategies and teams, and 10+ years of executive leadership in the SaaS space, Christina has a proven track record of leading individuals and organizations to growth & profitability through creative, scalable, and targeted strategy.

As a former artist, musician, and improv performer, she has a genuine passion for building culture, coaching & developing leaders, and producing top-performing Sales and CS teams across small to enterprise organizations.

Christina uses her experience, data driven approach, and people first mentality to revolutionize how revenue teams practice and ingrain learning, skills, and ongoing development. On a daily basis, she is energized by the opportunity to help companies of all sizes grow and make a worldly impact.

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Corrina Owens

Corrina Owens

GTM Advisor for Navttic, GTM Partners, Aptivio, and Postal.io

Expertise: ABM, Content Strategy, B2B Marketing, Brand Identity, GTM Strategy

About:4X B2B SaaS Demand Gen & ABM Leader | Fractional ABM I’m a revenue marketer with a people-focused approach. I advise and help organizations bring their go-to-market strategies to life. I have over a decade of experience driving revenue for high-growth B2B SaaS organizations—building and scaling account-based marketing from the ground up. Happy to connect and help others reach their full potential. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you’re interested in partnering together.

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Cortney Wilbanks

Cortney Wilbanks

Strategic Consultant at CCT Atlanta

Expertise: Sales, Relationship Building, Content Creation

About: Strategic thinker. Relationship builder. Revenue driver. Advisor. Disabilities Advocate. Storyteller.

When I was in college, my journey took a unique turn as I stepped into the role of teaching college academics to student athletes with learning disabilities. Guiding them to succeed both academically and in their athletic pursuits was a rewarding challenge. 

In order to be successful in this role, I had to first understand how these students best absorbed information, disregarding the preconceived notions that had held them back. 

Together, we shattered barriers and proved that being “just an athlete” was a limiting belief, not their reality.

I firmly believe that we can not succeed without understanding why a problem exists.

In order to understand how, we must first examine they why.

By systematically deconstructing complex challenges, i love to empower customers to steer their teams toward operational excellence- making privacy the center of that purpose.

I believe that integrity & character should be the root of what drives you, no matter what title you may hold. 

To me, the way you make others feel and the support you offer are the main indications of success. 

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Courtney Slyvester

Courtney Slyvester

Senior Manager RevOps at Openprise

Expertise: Revops, Sales, Lead Generation, GTM Strategy, Operations, Revenue

About: Courtney spent over a decade in sales and success before discovering her passion for efficient processes. Now, a rising star in revenue operations and a data management expert Courtney continues to help leaders build smoother digital operations.

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Cynthia Handal

Cynthia Handal

Head of Global Sales & Evangelism at Simera

Expertise: Sales, Sales Training, Sales Development, Evangelism, Content Strategy

About: With over 12 years of experience in sales and business development, I am a SAAS and B2B expert who enjoys building and leading high-performing sales teams, developing and executing effective sales strategies, and closing deals with clients across different industries and regions. I am also passionate about creating opportunities and providing mentorship for aspiring sales professionals, especially those from underrepresented backgrounds.

As the Head of Global Sales at Simera, a marketplace that connects US companies with top Latin American talent, I am responsible for driving revenue growth, expanding our global presence, and managing client retention. Since joining Simera in May 2022, I have grown the sales team from 3 to 32 reps, brought in over $15MM in the pipeline in the last 6 months, and launched the Simera Sales Academy, a free sales training initiative for Latin Americans. I am also a founding member of the GTM Community and a proud recipient of the Crunchbase 2023 Women in Sales and the Demandbase 100 Powerful Women in Sales awards. 

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Daisy Chung

Daisy Chung

Director of Sales at Orum

Expertise: Business Development, Sales Leadership, Cold Calling, Sales Training

About: Daisy Chung is a Director of Sales at Orum with 10+ years sales and sales management experience. She was once SDR of the year and broke company records at 400%+ to goal and AE of the year also breaking company records closing $3.3MM ARR in a year. She has a growing YouTube channel focused on sales best practices and is passionate in helping others accelerate their sales goals and career development.

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Deidre Hudson

Deidre Hudson

Revenue Marketing Advisor 

Expertise: Marketing strategy, Demand Generation, Growth Strategies

About: Innovative leader, bringing a holistic approach to B2B revenue marketing with 25+ years of experience across industries, company sizes and lifecycle stages. Known for building bridges across GTM functions, driving efficient growth, improving the customer experience and leading revenue management transformation.

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Elizabeth Italiano

Elizabeth Italiano

Co-Founder & Managing Partner of GTM Advisors

Expertise:GTM Strategies, Revenue, Growth, Leadership Development, GTM Coaching, Sales Training, Customer Success Training

About:Throughout my career, I’ve developed a passion for helping companies grow revenue through effective go-to-market strategies. My entrepreneurial, operational, and consulting work has resulted in organizations achieving their revenue goals, improving efficiencies throughout the buyer and customer journey, and improving the economics of the business to ensure sustainability.

Although my deep expertise lies in revenue generation from sales through to customer success, I’ve been fortunate to have hands-on operational and consulting experience across marketing, customer advocacy, customer-led growth, organizational design, and compensation design.

This experience allows me to look at businesses holistically. Through my learnings and pattern recognition developed in my 19 years of experience, I am able to work closely with clients at both the strategic and tactical levels.

Whether it’s large-scale transformations or incremental changes that have outsized impact I am excited to partner with organizations to achieve success.

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Emma Lo

Emma Lo

Partner of Flight Level 180

Expertise: Social Media, Content Strategy, Thought Leadership, Community

About: Putting people first is at the core of my DNA, from a former cancer researcher to today’s businesswoman.

I’m a dynamic revenue and customer experience leader in the tech world, blending 13+ years of experience with a passion for driving operational excellence and revenue growth in fast-paced SaaS startups. 

My journey has been about turning challenges into opportunities, leading teams to achieve remarkable results, and enhancing customer experiences meaningfully.

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Esther Hall

Esther Hall

US Marketing Manager at Fluor

Expertise: Marketing, Brand, Category Management, Content Creation, Digital Marketing, ABM, Environmental best practices

About: With over 20+ years of marketing experience my primary focus has been on brand, ABM, GTM strategy, and digital marketing. I am currently the United States Marketing Manager for Fluor. 

Fluor Corporation is a global engineering, procurement and construction company. We work with leaders in the energy, infrastructure, life sciences, advanced technologies, mining and metals industries, as well as government agencies, to build a better world.

Since our founding in 1912, we have been building a legacy of innovation. Our 30,000 employees provide professional and technical solutions to deliver safe, well-executed, capital-efficient projects for our global clients.

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Frannie Danzinger

Frannie Danzinger 

VP Sales, Strategic Accounts at Integrate

Expertise: Sales, Sales Training, Customer Experience, Sales Innovation

About: Experienced enterprise SaaS sales leader, player and coach. My passion is helping people to be their best and most productive selves, directly resulting in accelerating bottom-line company revenue. I value people, process and culture. 

I am currently VP Sales, Strategic Accounts at Integrate, a pioneer in demand orchestration software. I am fortunate to work with thousands of B2B marketers and hundreds of B2B marketing organizations to develop and scale their revenue-generating machines. My passion is to fully understand a marketer’s business and help to build a high-impact strategy, with efficient process, data and technology, to bring their strategy to life. I constantly challenge the status-quo.

Having worked with smart marketers, savvy business pros and sharp technology professionals during my roles at 6sense, eXelate, a Nielsen Company and Bizo from 2012-2016, I fell in love with MarTech. I’ve experienced first-hand the power of MarTech and its ability to catapult – and hold back – marketing teams and business results. Coupled with years of agency media experience, it’s easy to get excited about the road ahead in strategic marketing supported by meaningful technology.

When not working with marketers, I channel my personal passion to fitness. I am a trainer and coach, on and off the field as Group Fitness Instructor, Boxing Trainer, Spinning Instructor and Personal Trainer. If you cannot find me at my desk, be sure to check the gym!

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Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Gabrielle “GB” Blackwell

Sales Development Manager, Mid Market at Culture Amp

Expertise: Sales Management, Sales Training, Culture, Leadership

About: With over 9 years of SaaS sales experience I specialize in leading from the front.

Currently, I am a sales development manager at CultureAmp. CultureAmp helps companies get the employee engagement, performance and development tools, and insights you need to build a category-defining culture.

I am the creator of The One on One. The One on One is your weekly opportunity to score the skills you need to be a better sales manager than you were yesterday.

Follow me on LinkedIn to learn tips and tricks that will help you become a great sales manager.

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Heidi Solomon-Orlick

Founder of GirlzWhoSell

Expertise: Sales Strategy, Personal Development, Professional Development

About: With over 35 years of global complex B2B sales and leadership experience, Heidi is a passionate and successful sales executive who has closed over $1.5 billion in revenue and created thousands of jobs worldwide.

She is skilled in solving customer challenges, creating value-added solutions, building trust and relationships, collaborating with teams, and driving innovation and growth. She is also a two-time Gold Stevie award winner, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion champion, and an active aging advocate.

Heidi is the Founder and CEO of GirlzWhoSell, an organization that aims to close the gender gap in B2B sales and build the largest pipeline of diverse, early-stage female sales talent. She offers training, mentoring, and career coaching to young women from underrepresented communities who want to pursue a sales career. 

Heidi is the Editor and Author of Heels to Deals: How Women Are Dominating in Business-to-Business Sales, a highly acclaimed and award winning book that features the stories and insights of more than 30 women in distinguished sales roles. She is a LinkedIn Top Voice, is ranked in the Demandbase Top 100 Women in Sales and was recently recognized as a Top 50 Women Leader in New Hampshire. 

Currently, she is also serving as the Chief Growth Officer of The DORS Group, a real estate company where she leads the marketing, sales, and social media strategies.

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Hillary Carpio

Head of ABM & Demand Gen at Snowflake

Expertise: ABM, Demand Generation, Growth Marketing

About: My entrepreneurial, competitive and creative spirit developed in my early years while selling our family’s farm-fresh eggs to my local community. For each dozen sold, I revealed a timid, 7-year-old grin, exchanged my chicken-imprinted business card and pictured the day I would be racing in the go-cart I was saving for.

More importantly, I was learning how to create business experiences that not only generated profit, but left meaningful, authentic impressions on my customers. My small town relationships combined with my passion for all things creative have fueled my passion for innovative, memorable marketing experiences.

From the rural country to now the heart of the Silicon Valley, I am passionate about leading the next generation of marketing innovators in B2B Marketing.

I currently lead one of the largest teams in the industry dedicated to Account Based Marketing (ABM). In my time at Snowflake, I’ve built scalable, repeatable, and measurable processes and programs to serve more than 200 SDRs and 400+ sales reps that are replicated globally. The thoughtful intersection of marketing technology and responsive, human problem solving for sales sets the Snowflake ABM program apart.

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Hilary Headlee

Advisory Leader, Growth Team at Insight Partners

Expertise: GTM, Growth, Sales, Customer Success, Sales Enablement

About: I have 20+ years of GTM operating experience in B2B + B2C SaaS companies. Those years were spent with deep collaboration across Product, Marketing, Sales, Finance, and IT to support 5 exits including successful IPOs for high growth companies like Zoom (ZM) and Alteryx (AYX), with M+A support for Mindbody (PE), Lynda.com (now LinkedIn Learning), and Iconoculture (now Gartner). 

Connecting the business critical dots from “those who build the product” to “those who sell the product” came in day-to-day leadership roles over GTM Operations, Enablement, and Customer Success teams – to ensure customers had what they needed – by sales and support teams being ramped and ready. My focus has been a global one across NA, EMEA, APAC, and LATAM teams, across selling motions from SMB to Enterprise, and from stages of growth ranging from $10M to $4B in revenue. 

Successful exits were achieved by tying together 4 key areas: the strategies, people, insights, and programs that delivered impactful revenue results across distribution engines like Direct, Channel, and E-Commerce. This would then be layered across key growth levers like new products, new pricing, new markets, and new segments while always optimizing inbound, outbound, PLG, and ABX programs. 

Two philosophies remain true in operating and advising … First: make the number, do it with as many reps as possible, and forecast it accurately. Second: make it easy for your customers by making it easy for your selling and support teams. The “what” here is easy, the “how” is hard – and that’s the GTM puzzle at every company.

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Holly Chen

CMO (Interim) at Wonders

Expertise: Marketing Strategy, Growth Marketing, PLG, GTM

About: Award-winning Marketing and Growth executive with 20 years of experience in marketing strategy, growth strategies, growth marketing, product-led growth, leading Go-to-Market teams at both early and late-stage companies like Slack, Google, Loom, Miro, Superhuman, ServiceNow, Gucci, Deloitte Consulting, A.T. Kearney. 

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Wonders logo





Irina Novoselsky

CEO of Hootsuite

Expertise: Social Media, Marketing, Leadership, Personal Branding, Relationship Building

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Jamie Yates

Commercial Account Executive at Outreach

Expertise: Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing, Sales Execution

About: Your network is your net worth. I don’t know who first coined that phrase, but I wholeheartedly agree. I’m here to make memes, build community and talk to people about sales, marketing and getting through this crazy world with my sanity (mostly) intact.

I write poetry, paint and nerd out on Tolkien, Sci-fi movies and watching the sunset over New York harbor.

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Outreach Logo





Jan Young

Founder & Chief Customer Officer of JanYoungCX

Expertise: Post Sales Revenue Optimization, GTM Strategy & Alignment, CS Executive Leader Coaching, Customer Success, Customer Journey, Community Building, Retention

About: I love working with my clients to help them maximize customer revenue. The biggest challenge companies and leaders have is Go-To-Market alignment. That’s why I founded JanYoungCX: I help leaders break down silos, identify their North Star, and build a Roadmap to get there.

Customer Led Growth means when your customer is successful, you’re successful. Without your customer, you don’t have a business. Customer-centric businesses have exponential growth.

My coaching services focus on helping Customer Success Leaders step up to executive leadership and understand their role as Post Sales Revenue Leaders.

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Jane Serra

VP Marketing

Expertise: Marketing, Product Marketing, Strategic Partnerships

About: Jane Serra is a marketing executive with over 17 years of experience leading B2B marketing teams across demand generation, brand, product, and partner marketing. She is passionate about building high performing, collaborative marketing teams from the ground up. Jane created and hosts the popular podcast Women in B2B Marketing, with the goal of getting more women on mics and stages. She’s also a toddler mom and hopes to one day speak more than 1.5 languages.

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Janice B Gordon

Founder of Scale Your Sales

Expertise: Sales & Marketing, Customer Retention, Training & Development, Management Consulting

About: Ready to drive unstoppable growth and transform your sales game? As the Customer Growth Expert, I’m here to empower CEOs, CROs, and Sales Leaders to achieve unparalleled success.

Picture this: hiring sales professionals with absolute certainty of success, nurturing your sellers to be highly productive teams that consistently hit targets, and generating profitable, customer-centric businesses that your buyers and customers are thrilled to partner with.
But here’s where the magic happens: I offer exclusive access to the only sales-specific predictive and verified database.
This groundbreaking resource allows revenue-generating organizations to benchmark the exact success metrics to recruit and onboard with on-the-job certainty and tailored to their best customers. It’s about being better, consistent, resilient, and more profitable with your best customers.

My track record speaks volumes: I’ve helped companies double their revenue one such company, increased by $6 million in less than 12 months using my proven strategies to scale their sales.

As a TEDx and international speaker, Cranfield School of Management Executive MBA, facilitator, and educator, I am listed by LinkedIn Sales as one of 15 Sales influencers to follow, and Rev Tech Strategist 2024. I bring a unique blend of expertise and modern insight to your table.
Let’s connect and revolutionize your approach to revenue growth through customer excellence and sales mastery. Together, we will transform your sales operation to its full potential and create lasting sales success!

#ScaleYourSales #CustomerCentricity #CustomerGrowthExpert

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Jen Allen-Knuth

Founder of DemandJen

Expertise: Outbound Selling, Sales Leadership, Sales Training, Professional Development

About: 40-60% of complex B2B purchase attempts end in “no decision” and involve ~11 customer stakeholders. 

We’re not losing to our competitors. We’re losing to customer risk aversion. We’re losing to the customer’s gut feeling that no matter how much “better” our solution may be, the road to “better” involves change, cost, productivity losses while the team learns how to do/use something new. 

We’re losing because in an environment where uncertainty is high, humans will do everything they can to avoid risk. How are you showing your customers the cost of inaction in your outreach? How are you helping them realize that the pain of same is greater than the pain of change? 

I’m passionate about partnering with B2B Sales teams to help them stop losing deals to status quo, price, or no-decision.

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DemandJen Logo




Jen Igartua

CEO of Go Nimbly

Expertise: RevOps, Customer Journey, Sales, Revenue, Growth

About: By day I’m the CEO of Go Nimbly–working with high-growth companies to create a frictionless, human buying experience with RevOps.

By night, I’m creating sweet games with my friends at Pillbox Games, making crafts, and taking improv classes (which is how “Yes, and” became a key part of how we work and innovate at Go Nimbly).

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go-nimbly logo




Jessica Baum

SVP Marketing and Interim Head of Marketing at BERA

Expertise: Brand, GTM Strategy, Pricing, Packaging, Positioning and Promotion, Market and Competitive Research, Brand and Performance Marketing, and Enablement

About: As a seasoned B2B marketing leader with over 16 years of experience, my journey has been characterized by continuous learning, embracing both successes and setbacks. I view marketing as more than a mere business function—it is a comprehensive strategy that influences every aspect of the buyer’s and customer’s experience, encompassing product functionality, pricing, packaging, promotion, and the people who represent the brand.

My expertise is in developing unique go-to-market (GTM) strategies that differentiate my products from the competition, driving business growth. I play a pivotal role at the intersection of GTM teams, ensuring alignment and readiness for success. My responsibilities include guiding product development based on customer needs, advising marketing on effective pricing and promotion strategies, empowering sales teams, preparing customer success teams for onboarding and fulfillment, and encouraging regular product usage for customer retention and expansion.

My experience spans hands-on roles in startup settings as well as navigating the complexities of global enterprises. I have a consistent record of exceeding business objectives. My passion for product storytelling and driving product adoption is underpinned by a deep understanding of SaaS growth dynamics. This knowledge enables me to excel in fast-paced and challenging environments, constantly pushing the limits of marketing excellence.

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Jessie Lizak

Founder & CEO of Reveting

Expertise: Professional Branding, Personal Branding, Social Media, B2B Marketing, Marketing

About: I have a passion for building brands that drive revenue. I enjoy helping companies enhance their personal & business brand presence by leveraging LinkedIn and livestreaming.

I am the founder and host of Reveting. At Reveting, we are dedicated to empowering both individuals and teams in building and elevating their personal brands, with a special focus on LinkedIn and livestreaming to help them increase inbound form qualified buyers.

Our unique approach is encapsulated in our innovative WinsDay model, a strategy we not only implement internally but also enthusiastically teach to our clients.

On the side, I am a Fractional CMO and a Marketing consultant and coach.

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Jill Rowley

Strategy & Evangelism at nearbound.com

Expertise: SaaS, Sales, Marketing, Partnerships, Revenue, SaaS Advisor

About: 23 years in SaaS. Early employee at Salesforce (first 100), Eloqua (#13), HubSpot Advisor (2014-2016), Marketo (2018).

Love startups, especially category creators – – in the trenches building Nearbound.

Born Sales. Bred Marketing. Building Partnerships.

I spent six years in management consulting, 52 quarters in software sales at Salesforce and Eloqua, six years doing professional speaking, 2018 reporting to the CEO of Marketo (acquired by Adobe for $4.75B), Limited Partner “LP” and GTM Advisor at Stage 2 Capital.

I started investing in 2012 and maintain my personal portfolio of investments in sales and marketing technology startups. I also started advising startups in 2012 and joined my first Board of Directors in 2016. Four of the companies I’ve advised have had successful exits — HubSpot, Accompany, DataRPM, and PartnerHacker.

My work keeps me focused on the changing B2B buying environment and what revenue teams need to do to evolve their culture, skills, processes, data, and tools.

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Kandace Banks

Sales Enablement at Re:Work Training

Expertise: Sales, Sales Enablement, Sales Development, Startups

About: I am a mom of 2 (teen & toddler), an ex-medical billing guru, and a contest junkie who along with having a creative soul, my developer strength is always present. If you catch me outside of work, I’m a Home Chef – having fun recreating amazing dishes I’ve enjoyed from all over the world- and an avid lover of volunteer work!

Dedicated to improving the way moms transfer their skills over to sales and feel empowered while doing it. I have compiled a simplistic BDR onboarding guide with key coaching tips for anyone new to this space. New sales reps have been able to stay organized, improve the quality of prospect engagements, and stay authentic while pitching. I know what works for people with non-traditional backgrounds like myself. If you can manage a household and survive the toddler stage, you can master tech sales. ✨

My superpowers are enablement, developer, individualization, and adaptable.

SaaS Lover!!!!!

I have the ability to recognize and cultivate the potential in others. My innovative ideation is complemented by a strong sense of individualization, enabling me to tailor solutions with empathy and understanding to the specific needs of each person. Rooted in my core beliefs, I navigate challenges with adaptability, always ready to evolve and pivot according to the situation.

Whether it’s sales chatter or just mom life in general, let’s enjoy some tea and pick each other’s brains. I’m here for it all!

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Kara Brown

CEO & Founder of LeadCoverage

Expertise: CRM Automation, Inbound/Outbound, Sales Enablement, SEO, Social Conversion, Measurement

About: Kara Brown was one of the first employees at Echo Global Logistics, which grew quickly in three years and her name is on the company’s 2009 IPO press release [NYSE: ECHO].

In 2017 after a successful corporate career including SEKO Logistics, OHL (now Geodis), and Rubicon Global, she partnered with Will Haraway, another industry veteran, to start LeadCoverage. Brown is also an active force in empowering women leaders. She is on the board of the Entrepreneurs Organization Atlanta chapter, LaunchPad2x, and co-founded CloseHer, a community for women in sales.

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Karen Mangia

President & Chief Strategy Officer at The Engineered Innovation Group

Expertise: Customer Experience, Sales, Marketing, Strategic Partnerships

About: I am a catalyst, creator, connect and coach who helps executives, entrepreneurs and enterprises around the world solve complex, strategic business problems and position themselves for future growth by leveraging my Executive experience in public and private companies. I have a deep understanding of the customer experience–inside and out–from leading sales, global Voice of the Customer portfolios for Fortune 50 companies, and 20+ years of consulting directly with customers across multiple industries and segments.

In my role as President & Chief Strategy Officer of The Engineered Innovation Group, a high growth B2B SAAS startup, I’ve helped lead the company to double digit Y/Y revenue growth, raise seed round funding, refresh our marketing strategy and assets, and launch + lead our billable Engineered Innovation practice. 

As Vice President of Customer and Market Insights at Salesforce (NYSE: CRM), I regularly consulted with senior leadership at Fortune 1000 companies as well as privately funded high-growth businesses to accelerate transformation and increase market share. I engaged with key customer accounts to develop innovative strategies to address their key business challenges and translated feedback into actions to increase customer retention, growth, and satisfaction. 

My passion for customer success began as an account manager at AT&T, where focusing on customers’ goals led to exceptional success. I consistently outperformed production and revenue targets by double and triple digits (up to 522%), growing revenue up to 51% YOY. 

At Cisco, I led a diverse sales team of technical and channels professionals to achieve a multi-million-dollar impact. I created Cisco’s first Partner Experience Team, a cross-functional global initiative that made it easier and more profitable for partners to work with Cisco. I then led a global Insight Innovation team overseeing Customer Satisfaction & Experience, Diversity Business Practices, and Global Offset & Countertrade.

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Kate Erwin

Social Media Lead at Beam Content

Expertise: Content Marketing, Copywriting, Social Media, Branding, Ghostwriting

About: Hey, I’m Kate. Content is my life. I started my career as a copywriter at a content farm. 

Nearly a dozen years later, I’m still a copywriter, but now I take my time to create content that connects people and ideas. I’ve worked with countless sales tech companies both full-time and freelance.

If you need help creating content for your B2B SaaS brand, reach out. I’d love to collaborate.

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Kathleen Booth

SVP of Marketing & Growth at Pavilion

Expertise: Marketing, Entrepeneurship, Growth, Revenue

About: Kathleen Booth joined Pavilion as a member in 2019, and later went on to become a founding co-chair of the Washington DC chapter, a Pavilion Ambassador, and today, SVP of Marketing and Growth. In that capacity, she leads marketing and growth for the 10,000+ member global community of go-to-market executives.

Prior to joining Pavilion, Kathleen was founder and CEO of Quintain Marketing, a digital marketing agency.

After selling her company and before joining Pavilion, she held marketing leadership roles at VC-backed B2B technology companies including Attila Security, clean.io, and Tradeswell and continues to serve as an advisor and fractional CMO to early stage B2B SaaS and Web3 startups. She has been recognized as one of the 50 Top B2B Marketers to Watch by TopRank, and one of 6 Global Marketing Advisors Who Are Rising Stars by USA Today.

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Kathy Klotz-Guest MA, MBA

Founder of Keeping It Human

Expertise: Thought Leadership, Public Speaking, Corporate Training, Leadership Development, Team Building

About: It’s no secret that to be competitive and innovative, your company has to be a great place people WANT to work at. It’s getting harder. Creativity and Innovation live at the intersection of courage, trust & connection. These look a lot like humor. No, it’s not about telling jokes at the water-cooler. It’s cool, HR.

While leading tech product & marketing teams by day and working as a comedian by night for 20+ years, I learned:

  • The biggest laughs come from trust and connection
  • Laughter builds community
  • The biggest standing ovations came when courage filled the air

When connection was strongest, so was innovation.

I got curious: Is this how I get my team to create better storytelling, customer service, productivity? 

That led me to start my business, write my book, “Stop Boring Me!” about comedy principles for innovation, and, today, advise global teams & senior leaders on braver culture. 

Trust, connection and courage lead to innovation, stories, comms. Humor & laughter open that door.

Leaders, ready for you & your teams to be braver? Let’s talk!

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Katie Penner

Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso

Expertise: Partnerships, Sales Development, Marketing Strategy, Community-Led Growth, Revenue

About: Katie Penner is the Head of Sender Relations at Sendoso, where she has distinguished herself through her innovative approach to social content, direct marketing programs, and her role as chief evangelist. Her journey at Sendoso, spanning over three years, shows a rapid ascent from roles in sales development and strategy to leading sender relations.

Katie’s passion for empowering businesses to leverage direct mail for impactful engagement has been a cornerstone of her success.

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Katrine Reddin

Head of Sales at Commsor

Expertise: Brand, Content, Community-Led Growth, Sales, Marketing

About: Need help building a personal brand or elevating the women on your team?

I work with teams and individuals to create fun, authentic, interesting, and sometimes creatively chaotic brands to bring more attention to your profile and convert your audience into revenue and opportunities.

I also dedicate time to elevating the voices of women in business by creating speaking, leadership, and other opportunities for the women on your team. 

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Kayla Green

Community Manager at Gartner Peer Community

Expertise: Community Development & Community Growth

About: I am a Community Manager at Gartner Peer Community, a platform that challenges the status quo of alternative social media and peer/industry networking destinations. I lead the Sales and Finance communities, focusing on development and growth, and act as a liaison for members of these communities. 

My mission is to cultivate communities where everyone feels included, understood, and valued. I’m “jazzed” to connect with other community builders, evangelists, and social media marketing experts!

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Kristie Jones

Founder & Principal of Sales Acceleration Group

Expertise: Sales Processes, Startups, Sales Prospecting

About: Kristie, author of “Selling Your Way IN”, is a speaker, coach, and sales process consultant. Companies hire Kristie to elevate their sales organization because most sales leaders and professionals are discouraged and frustrated about anemic pipelines, low close rates, and missed targets.

Kristie’s willingness to get her hands dirty and her “take no prisoners” approach when helping companies drive more revenue from their Sales and Customer Success teams is what makes her so valuable to her clients. Her mission is helping companies find top talent as well as creating a sales accountability culture to ensure revenue growth.

Kristie is passionate about coaching sales teams to leverage their superpowers to reach their full potential, and she wants representatives and sales leaders to identify and embody the practices and characteristics of Top Ten Percent achievers.

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Krysten Conner

Sales Strategist at UserGems

Expertise: Career Development Coaching, Negotiation, Corporate Training, Public Speaking, Interview Preparation, Training

About: I never expected to end up in Sales. I was going to be a teacher. Help people. Change the world. After 3 years of teaching middle school history, I loved the kids but I was exhausted.

It seemed like a good time to return to our family’s global insurance agency. This was a business I knew well, and my parents were looking to pass it to a new generation. 

Over several years, I led multiple departments, from Operations to Training to Sales. The most important thing I learned: I was not passionate about running an insurance agency. This was a particularly low point because it forced me to re-think (again) what I wanted to do with my life.

I still wanted to teach, help people and change the world. And I realized that when I was doing Sales for our agency, it felt like I was doing all three. 

So we sold the agency, I dove back into sales and never looked back. 

From entertainment to construction to retail to property management to consulting to health care to financial services to waste management to manufacturing to software. I’ve worked with all types of clients. 

That made it easy to transition to the role I have now. Helping sales & marketing leaders in every vertical accomplish things they care about.

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Lashay Lewis

Founder at AuthorityPlug

Expertise: Content Strategy, Content Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing

About: I am the founder of AuthorityPlug. My experience is in content marketing. Priorly, I have taken a SaaS blog from less than 6 to 30+ conversions per month within 5 months. I’ve achieved first page rankings for high converting keywords with minimum to no link building, doubled organic traffic in less than 6 months, and  tripled conversions with less than 10 articles.

I now advise and execute content marketing strategies for 7-figure companies.

What I do now for SaaS companies: 

  • Develop a content marketing strategy for your team that drives inbound leads (even with a small team) 
  • Help your team achieve content marketing and sales alignment 
  • Cure the “content chaos” in your team and get them aligned on priorities 
  • Show clear reporting that content marketing is directly producing demo signups

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Laura Erdem

Sales Leader – North America at Dreamdata

Expertise: Sales, Outbound Practices, Content Creation, Sales & Marketing Alignment, People-First Strategies

About: Laura is a Sales leader with a crush on Marketing. Working at a startup called Dreamdata, running a North Americas Sales team.

First time sales leader at a startup, with a long experience in enterprise sales. Not sure if you want it more fun, cause then you can play in that I finished an art school and have been a radio DJ. Now in sales almost by accident!

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Lauren Kreisberg

VP of Product Management at SalesIntel

Expertise: Product Management, Product Marketing, Customer Delivery, Product Innovation

About: Lauren Kreisberg is VP of Product at data intelligence company SalesIntel. She has over 15 years of experience in SaaS and DaaS products in the adtech and martech space, and over 10 years as a Product/R&D leader, contributing to several exits, including acquisitions and IPOs. Lauren’s product passion is in the application of data science and machine learning at scale, striving to make data more accessible and actionable. Having worked with a variety of teams and colleagues across the US and well beyond, Lauren has been applying virtual-first and remote-inclusive practices to teams of all sizes since before it was cool.

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LeeRon Yahalomi

Head of Customer Success at Regie.ai

Expertise: Sales, AI, Customer Success, Brand, Brand Loyalty

About:With over 16 years of experience in customer success, sales, and strategic partnerships, LeeRon is a customer-centric leader who drives growth and retention for innovative companies. She is currently the Head of Customer Success at regie.ai, a platform that uses GenAI and automation to make prospecting easier for businesses and better for buyers. where she leads a team of customer success managers who ensure the best outcomes and experiences for clients across various industries and segments.

She is also a Founding Member of RevRoom, a trusted space where curious revenue leaders collaborate on the future of B2B go-to-market. As part of this community, she shares insights and expertise on how to build and execute effective enterprise GTM strategies, leveraging her learnings and experiences in building and leading sales and CS teams. Additionally, she is a Customer Success Coach at Catalyst Software, a Board Advisor at Tombolo Institute, and a Founding Mentor at Women in Customer Success, where she supports and empowers other professionals in the field. her mission is to help customers succeed and grow with the power of technology, education, and human connection.

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Leslie Barrett

Founder & Consultant at CMA Soulmate

Expertise: Customer Success, Customer Success Training, Content Creation

About: Customer-centric B2B Marketer at the intersection of Customer Success and Marketing. I enjoy finding ways to showcase the most valuable part of any company: customers. I have deep expertise in client relationship management, the customer journey, and customer retention.

I’m passionate about the power of customer advocacy to create great experiences that deepen relationships, enhance customer satisfaction and, as a result, drive revenue.

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Leslie Douglas

VP of Sponsorship Sales at Sell Better

Expertise: Sales, Sales Training & Development, Product Management, Revenue

About: I got into sales as a profession as many people do…. on accident! But over time, I have discovered that everything we do in our daily lives is sales. 

I was selling when I negotiated staying up 5 more minutes at bedtime as a child. 

I was selling during my audition for the elementary school production of The Wizard of Oz.

I was selling the heck out of those Girl Scout Cookies to my parent’s colleagues. 

I was selling when I wrote my college admission essays.

You get the point!

Every day, we have social interactions that give us the opportunity to make a sale. The impression you leave on others could change your path!I am the mother to a bold and creative 7 year old daughter. I am a supporter of women everywhere in every walk. I am a storyteller & avid story collector. Passionate about ethical fashion & fair trade.

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Leslie Greenwood

Co-Founder at WednesdayWomen & Founder at Chief Evangelist Consulting

Expertise: Sales, Evangelism, Community-Led Growth, Customer Success, Support, Startups

About: I help companies build communities of evangelists that drive growth and brand awareness. I love the hustle of startups and combining this with building value-driven communities and I’ve found my home. 

I have over 20 years of leadership experience in community, customer success, support, client services, and sales. My professional passion is bringing the power of connection, community, and evangelism into startups. You can expand and retain customers while inspiring them to become brand evangelists by providing an experience that surpasses expectations, creating genuine connections, and providing your members/customer a forum to help each other. 

I’m also a fan of coffee, good chocolate, quiet dogs (not mine, unfortunately), and talking loudly about diversity in tech.

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Leslie Ventez

Founder of The Sales-Led GTM Agency

Expertise: Sales, Sales Training, GTM Consulting, Relationship Building, Revenue

About: Discover the Power of Effective Sales Training & GTM Strategy with Me.

As a corporate sales trainer and sales-led GTM consultant, I am dedicated to transforming the way your team engages with prospects. Say goodbye to one-sided conversations and hello to meaningful interactions that drive results. 

I can teach your team to talk WITH prospects instead of AT them.

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Lex Winship

Head of Brand and Content at Loxo

Expertise: GTM, Brand, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Copywriting, Revenue

About: I am a dynamic visionary and dedicated team player skilled in creative direction, brand strategy, leadership, copywriting, and content management. I love breathing new life into tired things and using words to compel an audience to engage/feel/give/do.

I’m really good at cutting through the marketing jargon NOISE and helping you focus on what matters most: knowing your customers (and their needs), and making sure you know how to talk about your product in a way that resonates. 

In my personal life, I am a mental health advocate and a certified weirdo who loves her cats—Ethan & Pino—way too much. If I don’t know you yet, I probably want to—so feel free to reach out!

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Lindsay McGuire

Associate Director of Content and Campaigns at Goldcast

Expertise: Event Marketing, Demand Generation, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Digital Marketing

About: Are you an event marketer, demand generation professional, or content leader looking for ways to get the most out of your digital events strategy? The stars aligned in bringing you to my profile then, because that’s exactly what I specialize in. 

As the Associate Director of Content & Campaigns at Goldcast, my days are spent overseeing and creating content around how B2B marketers can use events as one of their top revenue driving channels. Head over to goldcast.io to learn more about how events can be a powerful brand and business growth driver, from webinars and ongoing series to summits and conferences.

If you’ve gotten this far and want the inside scoop about my new series, Donuts & Demands, I’d love to tell you more about what I have in the works and get your thoughts! It’s going to be a fun, informative, and collaborative show made for demand gen marketers. 

Over my career, I’ve contributed to the content functions at the largest credit union in Alabama, the most well-known nonprofit brand in the world, and a SaaS company that made five acquisitions in two years. My diverse background across various industries makes me a well-rounded content leader and strategist who knows how to create a content engine, build relationships across teams, integrate holistic messaging across all channels, and think creatively while staying laser-focused on business goals. 

I enjoy educating others and presenting on various topics, such as podcasting, content marketing best practices, digital strategy development, and nonprofit leadership. I have created presentations for CU Social Media Conference, Together Digital Indy, Junior League of Indianapolis, and the FOUND Conference. I also have experience as an emcee, including JLI’s 100th Anniversary and Shopper’s Eve. 

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Marija Skobe-Pilley

Founder at Women in Customer Success

Expertise: Customer Success, Community, GTM Strategy, Personal Branding

About: Marija is an award-winning Customer Success Strategist and thought leader. She’s the Founder and CEO of Women in Customer Success, a network for connecting, inspiring and showcasing women in the Customer Success industry. She started the movement with the Podcast to feature remarkable women and today this is a go-to hub and a community for Customer Success careers, including mentoring, masterclasses and enablement.

As a fractional CS leader, Marija helps companies build and scale high-performing teams in a hypergrowth environment. She’s also a coach and mentor for CS leaders and managers and a sought-after keynote conference speaker on topics of Customer Success, Customer Advocacy, Creating Communities and Developing Personal brands.

Marija holds degrees from the University of Cambridge (MPhil in Education) and the University of Zagreb (BA in Music, MMus).

Nice to know: Marija is an avid runner, having completed several half marathons. As a classical musician turned tech, she’s s leading a children’s choir to create lasting memories and performance experiences for her children.

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Mary Shea

Go-To-Market Advisor

Expertise: Sales, GTM, Evangelism, RevTech, Buying Process, Sales Strategy

About: I began my professional life as a classical musician – an oboist who went on to earn a PhD in Musicology and Ethnomusicology. I loved the rhythm of being an orchestral musician and academic but some years later I found myself looking for a more expansive palette. A serendipitous opportunity presented itself and I took an entry-level sales position at Forrester Research. Shortly thereafter the company had a successful IPO and I embarked on an unimaginable personal and professional journey.

Over more than 25 years in business I have held various roles including CRO, Analyst, Evangelist and most recently co-CEO. I am invigorated by working with smart collaborative professionals and I have a passion for and deep industry expertise in all things RevTech. 

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MaryAnn Pagano

CEO of Blackhawk Data

Expertise: Executive leadership, GTM Strategy, Thought Leadership, Data

About: With two decades of organizational leadership experience and a proven track record of driving business outcomes, Maryann Pagano serves as the CEO of BlackHawk Data responsible for establishing and nurturing the business’s vendor partner and distribution relationships and aligning those with the goals of BlackHawk Data’s customers, delivering an exceptional experience. 

Maryann combines her years of customer service expertise with her enhanced leadership knowledge to make impactful decisions in hiring new employees, and developing current employees, to excel for their benefit and that of the company. She also serves as the lead for the organization’s Sales teams and oversees all its marketing activities, extending BlackHawk Data’s reach in the market and enhancing its capabilities to provide customers with the solutions they need to realize success.

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Megan Bowen

CEO of Refine Labs

Expertise: Marketing, Operations, Demand Generation, Content Strategy, Content Creation, Community-Led Growth

About: I create the conditions for people, customers, and companies to be successful. I am the CEO of Refine Labs, A B2B Digital Marketing & Demand Generation Agency.

Why are we different?

  1. We’re not incentivized to spend more, we’re incentivized to drive more revenue
  2. We combine our modern demand strategy, measurement framework, paid media and creative execution to drive more web conversions, more qualified pipeline, more closed won revenue 
  3. We are in our customers CRM to measure & track program effectiveness 
  4. Our specialty is deploying demand creation programs in paid social with our media + creative strategy and process for rapid iteration and learnings
  5. We have extensive experience in deploying ABM programs to drive awareness and conversion of key target accounts to accelerate pipeline velocity 

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Melissa Gaglione

Specialized Account Executive at Deel

Expertise: Video Selling, Outbound Sales, Sales Enablement, Sales Training, Sales Management, Events

About: My endless curiosity has led me to explore careers as an elementary school teacher to an on-air news reporter to currently an AE in SaaS Sales. 

In January 2024 I launched my Pop Up Content Events Company, MelissaGaglione LLC. I hosted the first B2B multi sponsor content house (SCKO) paired with a 2X sold out Yacht Networking Event for the local community. 

I believe in meaningful, fun, creative, helpful content curated by learners & experts. 

As a meditation & yoga enthusiast, I take my practice off the mat and apply it to my day-to-day work life. I enjoy helping, guiding, and teaching habits that have helped me limit stress and cultivate a happier lifestyle — I’ll post about that! 

I believe in incredibly thoughtful and research-driven outreach to shine a light on challenges my prospects might be facing. I love to do this using video! As a consultative seller, I want to help my prospects and clients be successful by understanding their true needs.

I leverage my teaching and news reporting skills to curate a fun and research-driven sales process. My goal is for prospects to walk away more knowledgeable and feel that they can accomplish their goals. 

I love, love, love to help people! Please let me know if I can connect with you, share resources, or answer any questions. We are all happier when we help each other. 

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Melissa Moody

General Manager at Commsor

Expertise: Go-To-Network, Startup Marketing, Digital Marketing, Community-Led Growth, Revenue, Entrepreneurship  

About: I’m a full-stack marketing executive and entrepreneur with a passion for user-first products and a talent for creating clarity from chaos. I believe deeply in finding your focus and going big. 

Currently, I run SaaS startup Gated as CMO & Founder, building a foundation on brand narrative and executing rapidly on multi-channel GTM strategy.

I’ve always been a passionate advocate for fast, frictionless user experiences on the web. Over 14 years at Google, I worked with Fortune 500 Travel companies to build effective cross-channel marketing strategy and create amazing user experiences.

I’m a major advocate of remote work and the benefits it brings for mental health, families, and the earth

I am addicted to product ideation and helping entrepreneurs find product-market fit. 

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MJ Smith

CMO at CoLab

Expertise: B2B Marketing, Product Marketing, Demand Generation, Marketing Strategy

About: I am interested in shaking up the way we do things on an industrial scale.

I told the board of one company to develop a fire detector for dog owners. One year later, I pitched an audience of 60 senior execs on an IoT sensor for live fish transport. The first thing got me laughed out of the room. The second one won my team 1st place in a pitch contest and $150k in funding.

I learned from both experiences, so I wouldn’t change a thing.

It turns out that the fish project was ROI positive in under 5 months. That success was enough to propel me into my first leadership role, heading up marketing for Firetrace. 

As the company’s first ever VP of Marketing, I changed how the organization defines marketing – from the brochure department to a key player in strategy and revenue.

Along the way, I became the first customer of Refine Labs. After working with them to build a high performing digital demand gen engine, I decided to join the team in March 2021. I took over sales and marketing leadership from the founder and led both functions through a period of significant growth (5x revenue in 12 months).

Most recently, I got the opportunity to join CoLab Software, where we are changing the way mechanical engineering teams work together. CoLab’s Design Engagement system helps engineering teams bring life-changing products to market years sooner by making design review easy, automating the admin, and generating quantitative insights.

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Nadia Milani

VP of Marketing at WellnessLiving

Expertise: GTM Strategy, Demand Generation, Marketing Leadership

About: Hey! I’m the marketing leader you hire when you’re looking for next-level change.

I’m a bit of a pirate who enjoys sailing the ship in stormy seas on paths less traveled. I don’t follow playbooks, I try to create them. I’ve learned that each company has to forge its own path to success and I’m the marketer that helps get you there.

People say GTM is this and that. But really, it’s about Getting The Money. I build teams who understand how to generate revenue and who will restore your faith in marketing.

I’ve been lucky to have mentors and leaders who believed in me. If you’re looking for someone to help up-skill your marketing, strategy, or leadership: DM me!

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Natalie Marcotullio

Head of Growth & Operations at Navattic

Expertise: Growth Strategy, Full Funnel Marketing, Product Marketing, SEO, Digital Marketing, Buyer Experience

About: Head of Growth and Operations at Navattic, where I focus on helping SaaS companies give their prospects a better buying experience.

Background in SEO and digital marketing for B2B sales and marketing SaaS. Now focus on full-funnel marketing, GTM strategy, and improving the digital buyer experience.

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Natalie Taylor

Head of Marketing at Capsule

Expertise: Marketing, Demand Generation, Branding, Social Media, Content Strategy, GTM

About: I’m Natalie and I like making stuff and working with nice, fun, smart people.

I really like my job at Capsule. I also like helping people get the most out of the tool (it’s a video editor built specifically for marketing teams) so DM me if you ever have questions or feedback.I’m building a first-of-its-kind pizza-oven business with my partner (@modernpizzaproducts on Insta), I’m a former professional dancer, and I’m raising 2 small humans.

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Nicole Wasilnak

COO of Alleyoop

Expertise: Sales Strategy, SDR motions, Leadership growth

About: Nicole Wasilnak boasts a career spanning sales and marketing, beginning as a Clinical Account Executive, selling medical devices. She leveraged this experience to excel as an Account Manager for a SaaS company in medical transportation, eventually becoming the top sales manager and team lead. Nicole’s adeptness extended to training new sales executives, forecasting growth strategies, and formulating strategic onboarding plans. Her expertise led her to her current role as COO at Alleyoop, where she oversees operations, bridging new business ventures with client success initiatives.

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Oana Manolache

Founder & CEO of Sequel

Expertise: Events, Marketing, GTM Strategy, Entrepenuership, Content Marketing, Demand Generation

About: Founder of Sequel.io, ex @HP. Growing an awesome team with the purpose of providing organizations of all sizes with the ability to fully realize the future of work and connectivity.

Expert and keynote speaker at global events with a focus on innovation, the importance of consumer engagement in a B2B environment, women in technology and entrepreneurship.

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Olga Andrienko

VP of Brand Marketing at Semrush

Expertise: Brand Marketing, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Creative Strategy, Leadership

About: 10+ years of experience including brand building, brand management, audience retention, demand generation, advertising, and marketing in both B2B and B2C, private and public company.

6+ years in a leadership role growing a SaaS / B2B marketing team which delivers significant market share and revenue growth.

Creative, driven, with a strategic mindset, high attention to detail and ability to manage multiple, competing priorities simultaneously. Able to work in a fast-paced environment, proactive and result-oriented; at ease with risk-taking, test-and-learn experimenta

I bring change. I challenge people to grow. I assign tasks that seem impossible at first, and I broaden the horizons of my team’s minds. I define the “what” and let them figure our the “how. My team members have advanced in their careers much faster than employees in other departments.

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Pam Didner

Founder of Relentless Pursuit

Expertise: Revenue Growth, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Sales, Marketing, ABM, Sales Enablement, AI, Content Marketing

About: With over 20 years of experience, I am a passionate B2B marketer, fractional (part-time) CMO, speaker, writer & podcaster who loves bridging the gap between technology & marketing to build a seamless customer experience, and boost sales & marketing alignment.

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Qetsiyah Jacobson

Social Media Strategiest at HeyOrca

Expertise: Founder-Led Growth, Personal Branding, Professional Branding, Social Media Marketing, Content Strategy

About: I started my journey in marketing journey back in 2019 when I started my own little lash brand in high school. I had no idea what I was doing but I absolutely loved building something from the ground up from concept to a tangible product. My lashes end up being featured on Cardi B’s makeup artist Instagram story.

Fast forward a year later and I started a clothing line called Just Basixs. I did all of the branding, web design, marketing,…I absolutely loved it. With a small but mighty following my clothing line was picked up by a retailer and I sold over 4 figures in the first couple of months.

I even had a stint as a content creator and brands started sending me their products to create content, which now is called UGC.

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Rachel Mayes

Venture Capital Sales at Carta

Expertise: New Business Sales, Sales Leadership, Sales Training & Development

About: As the Senior Director of Sales – Venture Capital at Carta, I oversee six new business sales teams and leaders selling into Venture Capital funds of various sizes and stages.

I have more than 12 years of sales and Sales leadership experience in B2B enterprise SaaS, Public sector, and Go-to-market strategy, with eight years in San Francisco SaaS sales and three years in fintech in New York City.

At Carta VC we are building the future of back office Fund administration for Venture.

Outside of Carta I am an Executive Member of Pavilion Sales, Women in VC and I sit on the steering committee of All Raise, an organization grounded in uplifting women in Venture.

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Randi-Sue Deckard

SVP of Client Engagement at BESLER

Expertise: GTM, Strategic Planning, Revenue & Profit Growth, Leadership, Business Relationship Management

About: Randi-Sue Deckard is a clinical lab scientist turned GTM leader who has built a career in healthcare. She has influenced over $100M in revenue over the past 15 years in LifeSciences, Oncology, Technology and Finance verticals of healthcare.

She has built and led customer-centric teams with a focus on using data-driven decision and business fluency to ensure profitable growth. She’s an active mentor for GirlzWhoSell and co-chair of the Pavilion DFW Chapter. 

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Robin Izsak-Tseng

VP of Revenue Marketing at G2

Expertise: Revenue Marketing, Demand Generation, ABM, Content Strategy, Sales & Marketing Alignment, Category Building

About: Growth marketing leader with demonstrated success in a range of B2B SaaS organizations. Highly skilled in demand gen, digital, ABM, content strategy, sales & marketing alignment, and category building.

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Rosalyn Santa Elena

Founder of The RevOps Collective

Expertise: RevOps, Executive Coaching, Sales Training, Brand, Management, Content Strategy, Project Management, Change Management

About: As the Founder of The RevOps Collective, an advisor for several high-growth startups, an active leader in several communities, a keynote speaker, and the host of The Revenue Engine Podcast. I’m on a mission to elevate the Ops function & Ops professionals. How? By providing RevOps-as-a-Strategy through 4 pillars:

  1. RevOps Executive Coaching & Professional Development
  2. RevOps Community & Networking
  3. Strategic GTM & RevOps Consulting Services
  4. Fractional RevOps Leadership

My Top 3 Super Powers 

  1. Communication – the ability to influence w/o authority, quickly earn trust through empathy & accountability, drive alignment, and bring everyone along the journey
  2. Seeing around corners, identifying blind spots, and making recommendations based upon experience, insights, and creativity
  3. Balancing between strategic thinking & tactical execution and between short term & long term

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Salina Yeung

B2B Sales and Marketing Trainer at Theinacademy

Expertise: LinkedIn Strategy, Personal Branding, Marketing Strategy, Business Strategy, Entrepreneurship

About: Sick and tired of another boring corporate training? Only to wait for the next bathroom break? Your team deserves better. (And you know it!)

“The best ROI my team has ever experienced was hiring Salina!” 

— That’s what the Head of Sales at VISA said about my workshop. 

When companies like LinkedIn, Visa, HubSpot need to up their Sales + Marketing Game, they call me. After all, whoever puts customers first WINS! This is my philosophy for every successful business. 

Solving big, complex problems for customers and relentlessly delivering exceptional business value brings me joy and is where I excel the most. 

As a B2B Sales & Marketing Leader with 12+ years working with top SaaS brands: LinkedIn, Zoom, Twilio, HubSpot, Clickup & more, I know exactly what it takes to build brands that customers LOVE + FOLLOW + CONVERT!

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Samantha McKenna

Founder of #samsales

Expertise: Sales, Email Marketing, SaaS, Leadership, Personal Branding, Content Strategy

About: I had my first exposure to competitive “sales” in sixth grade when my school raised money for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Knocking door to door and delivering a pitch was the start of my education; I still have the portable TV that I won for second place, which fuels my competitive spirit.

I’ve spent my career in sales doing a few things – breaking records, putting others first, creating global sales programs, educating through peer interaction, and going to great lengths to make people feel valued. I’ve launched new verticals, overseen the GTM strategy for some of the most successful initiatives in company history, and put in processes across businesses that redefine how each company works and succeeds.

As the founder of #samsales, I oversee an all-women team of 14 who believe in a manners-first and buyer-first approach. We:

  • Run sales trainings that cover prospecting via your likely under-utilized LI Sales Nav licenses, how to write great email copy, Show Me You Know Me™, perfect discovery calls, etc. all while being sales methodology agnostic
  • Speak at 100+ annual events – keynoting for SKOs, international conferences, and podcasts alike re: sales, social selling, and women in tech/sales/leadership
  • Write the content you have in your sales engagement tool, etc using our proprietary techniques + the most up-to-date data on what works to drive opens + replies
  • Teach social selling – as an LI influencer, ambassador of Sales Navigator, and former LI leader, I understand how to use the ecosystem to truly SELL. I’ve personally trained tens of thousands on the platform, ranging from 10-person teams to Fortune 500 brands. 
  • Build brands for C-Suites on LinkedIn. If you want to build a brand on LI but don’t know what to write, don’t understand the algorithm, and don’t have the time to manage, our full-service strategy will manage it exclusively like we do for some of the most prominent/highly visible execs you see on LI.

As a founder, I have one goal – to make as much positive impact as we can. Since our inception, we’ve raised over 120K via personal donations + our annual charity events for incredible causes, and have given away hundreds of our trainings to the military and transitioning teachers, free of charge.

When you hire us, you’re not just hiring a team, but rather investing in one who constantly puts good into the world.

Who am I, otherwise – 

Philanthropist, investor, dog lover, die hard competitor, writer, former Nickelodeon game show contestant, extrovert, expert in self-deprecating humor, and willing to walk through fire to make you laugh.

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Sara McNamara

Marketing Operations Leader at Slack

Expertise: Marketing Operations, Marketing, Revenue Operations, GTM, Sales Operations

About: Hi! I’m Sara and I work with Marketing, Sales, Revenue Ops, and CS leaders to:

  1. Optimize GTM efforts as much as possible; promoting efficiency, productivity, and scalability
  2. Help define strategy and “how we will get there” utilizing tools and processes
  3. Recruit and mentor superstar teams of GTM professionals
  4. Continuously look for new opportunities for innovation (AI, anyone?)
  5. Guide teams successfully through massive amounts of change
  6. Clean up, standardize, and extract insights from data

I’m one of the leading voices in Marketing Operations and Revenue Operations; I love mentoring and teaching others what I have learned (and continue to learn) throughout my career.

Whether it’s working directly with C-suite executives to understand their strategy and how we can leverage tools (and more) to get there, consulting with everyday marketers to optimize their efforts, partnering with sales professionals to improve lead pass, or even making technical adjustments in a martech or salestech system…I can do it all! And this isn’t a coincidence; it’s by design. I love ongoing learning and am always taking courses or certifications to learn more and to expand my toolset so I can best help my internal customers.

Follow me to learn more about marketing, marketing operations, sales operations, and revenue operations!

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Sara Schonfeld

VP of Marketing at HiveWatch

Expertise: Brand, Demand Generation, Growth Marketing, ABM 

About: Experienced demand generation marketer with a history of leading successful GTM teams in B2B SaaS. Proven track record of strategizing and executing multi-channel efforts that help my company exceed pipeline and revenue targets, with a heavy focus on data-driven decision making.

A key strength is my ability to think strategically big picture (annual planning, budgeting, cross-functional partnerships) while also rolling up my sleeves to get the work done (campaign execution, marketing operations and attribution, reporting). 

Extensive experience in digital marketing, email marketing, ABM, event and field marketing, content marketing, and marketing operations. Have also dabbled (and had success) in product marketing and customer marketing. 

I am an avid beach volleyball player, reader, and dog lover (#adoptdontshop). I will also try and find a way to use a Friends, Schitt’s Creek, or Parks and Rec gif in as much content as possible. 

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Sarah McConnell

VP of Demand Generation at Qualified

Expertise: Demand Generation, Pipeline Generation, Digital Marketing, Email Marketing, ABM, Event, Field Marketing, Content Marketing, Marketing Operations

About: Experienced demand generation marketer with a history of leading successful GTM teams in B2B SaaS. Proven track record of strategizing and executing multi-channel efforts that help my company exceed pipeline and revenue targets, with a heavy focus on data-driven decision making. A key strength is my ability to think strategically big picture (annual planning, budgeting, cross-functional partnerships) while also rolling up my sleeves to get the work done (campaign execution, marketing operations and attribution, reporting). 

Extensive experience in digital marketing, email marketing, ABM, event and field marketing, content marketing, and marketing operations. Have also dabbled (and had success) in product marketing and customer marketing. 

I am an avid beach volleyball player, reader, and dog lover (#adoptdontshop). I will also try and find a way to use a Friends, Schitt’s Creek, or Parks and Rec gif in as much content as possible. 

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Shelliy Cymbalski

CMO of iT1

Expertise: Business Development, Channel, Marketing and Programs execution such as MDF, rebates, deal registration, certifications and incentives.

About: With over 25 years in the channel, my focus is developing partner relationships and execution of strategic programs to drive aligned goals. iT1 is currently hiring. Please reach out if interested. 

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Sidney Waterfall

SVP of GTM Strategy & Co-Founder of Passeto

Expertise: B2B SaaS Marketing, Revenue Marketing, Sale-Led, PLG, GTM Strategy, Growth Strategies

About: Sidney is an expert in B2B Saas Marketing (sales led and product-led). She is passionate about doing things differently. Sidney transitions marketing teams from MQLs to revenue. She’s a revops nerd at heart.

You can find Sidney in Salesforce or Analytics tools. She is not attribution obsessed but does use data to articulate what’s working and what’s not.

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Sofia Alexandra Silva

Demand Generation & ABM Manager at Reachdesk

Expertise: Demand Generation, ABM, Marketing, GTM Strategy

About: I’m Sofia, I’m based out of sunny Portugal and I spend my days looking for funny memes I can post on Reachdesk’s social media. 

Besides that, I also build and execute integrated campaigns that build demand and pipeline. I’m passionate about connections and relationship building and I believe in a human-to-human marketing approach. 

What I love: social media, demand gen & ABM, integrated marketing strategies, brand & community building

What I don’t fancy: performance marketing, operations, design

What do I do in my 5 to 9: plan my next trip and daydream with a fiction novel. Sometimes I bake fancy cakes too.

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Stephanie Neale

CEO of Blind Zebra

Expertise: Sales, Sales Training, Sales Development, Sales Management, Client Success

About:Stephanie Neale is motivated by helping others achieve more than they think they can. She is a scoreboard-obsessed, tenured sales leader who currently serves as CEO of Blind Zebra. Before stepping into her CEO role, Steph was VP of Client Success at SaaS company – PERQ and Sales Director at Gannett, in addition to being an award winning salesperson for a decade prior to leading teams.

Steph is a longtime student of business scaling, EOS Integrator and a Certified Blind Zebra Sales Operating System™ (BZSOS) Operations Coach. Blind Zebra makes selling simple by installing BZSOS with B2B sales teams nationwide. Steph is an Indiana native, graduated from Purdue University and resides in Indianapolis with her hubby (& business partner), their (combined) 5 kids and a Doodle they only claim some of the time.

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Sydney Sloan

CMO of Drata

Expertise: Holisitic Marketing, GTM Strategies, M&A Integrations, Product Launch

About: I am a seasoned marketing leader with decades of experience in driving transformative growth and innovation for high-tech companies. I’m proud to be the CMO at Drata, where we are transforming the way companies achieve compliance and build trust with their customers. As an Advisor for Scale Venture Partners and a Limited Partner at Stage 2 Capital, I leverage my unique business, finance, and marketing talents to advise founders and go to market teams on GTM strategy, brand, strategic partnerships, customer journey, and employee culture.

My mission is to help B2B software companies achieve category leadership and global expansion by envisioning and implementing holistic marketing plans and impactful GTM strategies, M&A integrations, and product launches. I have successfully brought new and acquired products to market across customer segments, product categories, and verticals.

I have also built and mentored high-performing marketing teams and fostered a customer-centric culture. Some of my career highlights include scaling Salesloft from $16M to $135M+ in 3.5 years as CMO, transitioning Alfresco Software from an open-source technology to a modern platform for CIOs, and integrating more than 10 M&A transactions at Salesloft, Jive Software, and Adobe.

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Tameka Bazile

Manager, Social Media Strategy at TIME

Expertise: Social Media Strategy, Content Marketing, Branding & Identity, Digital Marketing, Strategic Marketing

About: In my full-time work, I am the Manager of Social Media Strategy at TIME. I implement multi-faceted paid social media campaigns and branded content that center brand recognition and audience relevance. I use key cultural moments to shape a narrative through creative storytelling, engaging copy, and intentional creative direction. My skills have contributed to consistent increases in digital product sales, brand recognition, and client retention.

Separately, I am a multi-platform content creator. I was one of 120 selected to be part of LinkedIn’s US Creator Accelerator program for Technology and Innovation, which led to my establishing a community of social media, creator economy, and emerging technology professionals. We dissect all things socials, content, and personal branding. On Instagram and Pinterest, you can find me illustrating skincare tips, style choices, clips of my lifestyle, and some relationship talk.

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Tara Pawlak

SVP of Marketing at Revenue Grid

Expertise: People First Strategy, Marketing, Demand Generation

About: A dynamic marketing executive who has over 15+ years of experience in building GTM plans alongside some fabulous driven marketers to fuel growth. My main passion within Marketing is strategy, operations, martech and of course B2B demand generation!

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Taylor Udell

Head of Growth at Champify

Expertise: GTM Strategy, Marketing Operations, Martech, Demand Generation

About: Taylor is the Head of Growth at Champify, helping companies turn former customers into revenue. She has a background in marketing and product management working at companies like Twilio, Fossa and Heap.

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Tenisha Griggs

Founder & CEO of 37X Digital Marketing Agency

Expertise: Digital Marketing, B2B, GTM Strategy, ABM, Leadership Development

About: An industry-leading executive acknowledged for significantly expanding client growth, establishing strategic partnerships, and boosting company revenue. As an innovation-focused executive, I am credited with developing GTM programs for revenue organizations spanning Mid-Market and Global Enterprises. I’ve overseen a global team managing over $100M+ in media spend.

Recognized as Advertiser of the Year by “Ad Week,” I am an integrity-driven leader adept at hiring, retaining, and developing talent, while championing diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. My exceptional leadership resulted in Terminus being named the ‘Category Leader in B2B Ad Platforms’ by the renowned research and advisory company, Forrester. My expertise has garnered frequent invitations for podcast appearances, webinars, and other industry engagements.

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