10 Best Lead Generation Tools to Consider for 2024

10 Best Lead Generation Tools to Consider for 2024

With the right plan, strategies, and tools, you can create a lead generation machine that works to extend your scope and expand your market. You know, the objective of everything sales.

Luckily, leading generation tech is not only reserved for the fortune of 100 firms. There are many lead generation resources to help everyone grab more leads and close more deals.

The only challenge is to sift through the vast amount of apps available. Google Search “Sales apps”– you’re going to get thousands of hits. We spent hours identifying, narrowing, and checking 10 of the best lead generation tools that you can use to develop your company and hit the numbers in 2024.

What to Look for in All Lead Generation Tools

Before we get into the thick of it, I just want to quickly run through what you need to consider for each type of lead generation tool.

1. Ease of use

It shouldn’t take longer than a few hours to study and appreciate the lead generation methods you’ve picked. Also, it’s not supposed to push you to rearrange your whole workflow.

There are exceptions to this principle since certain sales tools are made to become the center of your workflow.

2. Ease of implementation

You are not going to want a developer to get the most value out of the tool you chose. This is a major red flag. Setup should take a couple of minutes at most.

These are the only two factors set in stone. The others depend on your situation.

3. Integration options

Another significant factor is whether or not the program is compatible with the latest marketing stack. Is it going to send lead data smoothly to your CRM or ESP?

If they don’t have your integration, do they respond to your requests to add new ones?

4. Cost

Cost is often a concern when you choose to procure software for your company. If you know your numbers, the cost of lead capture software can become zero. If you can set a value for each lead, say it’s worth $5, and your lead capture tools pull in 100 new leads, that’s a benefit of $500 for your company. The ROI makes it a profit center rather than a cost center. The majority of conversion optimization tools yield at least 2x ROI when used correctly

Here are the 10 Best Lead Generation Tools…

…that will help you uplift the growth curve of your business in 2024.

1. Optinmonster

Optinmonster is a well-known email capturing application that focuses on delivering SMB pop-ups. They advertise themselves as an e-commerce solution as well as a way to expand the email list.

This beast comes out of the box with a wide variety of aiming features. A/B checking and view options are available to help you capture more leads.

Customization of the lead capture form helps you to have the right look and sound for the forms.

You can build with their software:

  • Complete screen pop-ups
  • Lightbox pop-ups
  • Inline Incorporated
  • Flow bars
  • Slide-in popups
  • Sidebar shapes

2. Hubspot

Hubspot is one of the most common B2B lead generation software (and sales and CRM) out there – and for a good cause. They offer a wide variety of features to help you develop, arrange, and close leads.

One of the strongest aspects of Hubspot is the ability to monitor email openings. If a subscriber opens an email, you can follow them up directly or connect them to a segmented email campaign. That way, you will reach out to them as soon as possible and with the right material that would inspire them to convert to a new customer or client.

3. SalesIntel

SalesIntel is a reliable B2B business partner with B2B companies from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies providing human-verified customer data and organization data. The platform also provides additional details, including technological and firmographic data to help your prospecting.

For inbound sales, It lets you keep your forms short. You only need to add an email, name, and message field, and SalesIntel will automatically add human-verified firmographic data, technical data, and direct dials using data enrichment.

SalesIntel ensures data accuracy by re-verifying data via humans (not machines) every 90 days.

SalesIntel provides you with all the important information you need about your ABM connections and accounts to operate efficiently. You can also connect new contacts and profiles using our robust human-verified B2B data with direct dial numbers and a host of additional contact information. The best part – If you have a list of prospects that’s not a part of the SalesIntel database, you can use the Research-on-Demand to get the missing data in a few hours.

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4. Prospect.io

Prospect.io is a new distribution tool that is completely integrated with Salesforce, Pipedrive, Close.io, and HubSpot. The Prospect.io Chrome plugin lets you identify opportunities with just one click and start cold email promotions right from your browser in a matter of seconds.

It takes time and resources to look for new leads. With Prospect.io, you can concentrate on what truly matters: marketing to decision-makers.

5. Marketo

Marketo’s lead generation solution lets companies create partnerships with potential buyers when talking to sales reps. It helps you gain leads through inbound and outbound marketing, which increases your sales machine efficiency.

Marketo is known for its mix of robust features and easy-to-learn user interface. It can perform a wide variety of tasks, such as engagement-based lead nurturing, social marketing, and email. It also has a comprehensive suite of analytical and analysis tools and a third-party partner marketplace with add-on features. It is cloud-based and integrates with some of the leading application systems open to marketers.

6. RevDriver Chrome Extension

With the RevDriver free chrome extension, you can quickly gather reputable business and contact information. Easily gather data on persons and organizations as you browse:

  • LinkedIn profiles
  • Social media profiles such as Twitter and Facebook
  • Company contact page and account page
  • Profiles from Crunchbase
  • Pages for product analysis

RevDriver searches the pages you are researching and intelligently recognizes the company and contact information of the post. The extension then retrieves data relating to the website’s contents directly from the SalesIntel human-verified database and dynamically displays the documentation in your browser. Additionally, along with your prospective email addresses, you will have access to direct dial telephone numbers, technographic and firmographic data, customer intent data, and more.

SalesIntel offers 10 credits per month for free users with the ability to add more based on your needs.

7. Pardot

Pardot is a popular lead generation app that helps you to qualify and track your sales leads.

You can create landing pages, perform A/B research, catch leads, incorporate Google Adwords campaigns, create email campaigns, and set up email automation. There is no free trial available. However, you can access the demo by filling out the lead form on the Pardot website.

It provides marketing analytics tools and a comprehensive segmentation that helps you interact more easily with potential clients. You will also access ROI reporting so that you can consider the impact of your marketing activities on your sales.

8. EverWebinar

EverWebinar is a perfect ‘set it and forget it’ solution that lets you build evergreen webinars.

The best part of the EverWebinar channel is that listeners still feel like they’re watching a live recording. Once you’ve filmed a webinar, there are several tools you can use to build what feels like a real-time, active audience.

For example, you can add comments, queries, and live surveys that seem to be occurring from the audience in real-time.

Also, to send traffic to your EverWebinar, you can add countdown timers to your website that make it look like a brand new webinar is about to start in (for example) 10 minutes. So, even if it’s a video that you have made a year before, interested site users sign up assuming that they just got there in time.

9. VisitorIntel

VisitorIntel is an analytics-driven tool to gain insight into which companies are accessing your website. It provides sales and marketing departments with the opportunity to find and contact decision-makers and key influencers in organizations who have recently visited their website with declining lag time.

When you put a small piece of code on your website, then you can track web visits, and VisitorIntel triangulates the data to link the visitor to their company website. You will then be able to access the website that is usually included in the SalesIntel database with a comprehensive business profile; along with technological, firmographic, and industry-leading contact details for decision-makers and main influencers for the company.

You can develop tailored strategies by pushing decision-maker contact info from businesses who have recently visited your website from SalesIntel to your CRM. It also helps you to instantly connect industry-leading direct dials and cell phone numbers for decision-making.

10. Kred

When it comes to content marketing, more effort has to be done than simply making content and thinking people will read it.

You need to identify and communicate with influencers who can reinforce your social media post. This is where Kred is going to help you out.

The platform tests your influence by evaluating Facebook and Twitter activities so that you can reach out to influencers who would have the biggest impact on your market.

And unlike other influencer software, this one helps you create your own “influencer” status so that your online identity is improved.

So, It’s Time to Choose Your Next Set of Lead Generation Tools

Whichever marketing tools you chose, we hope this comprehensive list helps get you ready for the new year.

The probability of you using every one of these lead generation tools is lean.
Using your business goals to guide you in selecting the best lead generation tools for your marketing tech stack is the way to get started.

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