Recap: Sell Smarter, Not Harder with a Land and Expand Strategy

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You’ve done it! You closed that deal and now they’re a customer. Your job as a sales professional is done… right?

In most cases, yes. Yet you’re leaving a lot of opportunities on the table if you don’t continue to work them after they’ve signed. By working closely with your marketing and success teams, you can not only land but expand those accounts!

Watch the recap to learn specific ways you can leverage your existing relationships to grow accounts.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to identify expandable accounts
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to connect with existing clients
  • How to developing outreach strategies
  • Best practices for sharing client stories
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About Blake Johnston and OutboundView

Blake Johnston is the founder and CEO of OutboundView, a sales development agency based in Nashville, TN.

About Raj Khera and SalesIntel

Raj Khera

Raj Khera is a past CEO and CMO of 3 SaaS businesses that were successfully sold to public companies, including MailerMailer, an email marketing software business that sent over 1 billion emails per year on behalf of its clients. Raj serves on several nonprofit boards and is the author of the bestselling marketing book, The IT Marketing Crash Course.