Recap: B2B Data Mastery for GTM Leadership – Aligning Marketing and Sales Strategies

Join us for a practical webinar focused on leveraging B2B data and intelligence to enhance your GTM (Go-To-Market) leadership team by aligning marketing and sales strategies.

Our experts will share actionable insights into how data can empower and align teams to prioritize leads and drive revenue growth. Whether you’re leading marketing, sales, or both, this session will provide valuable guidance on using intent data to shape a cohesive GTM strategy that delivers results. Gain practical insights into data-driven decision-making, cross-functional collaboration, and cultivating a culture of success for sustainable growth in the year ahead.

  • Create Strategic Alignment: Explore how B2B data intelligence can align marketing and sales strategies.
  • Informed Decision-Making: Learn how comprehensive insights improve efficiency, effectiveness, and overall performance throughout the GTM process.
  • Cultivating a Culture of Success: See how to foster a culture of data-driven decision-making, collaboration, and innovation within your organization.

Meet the Presenters

Jason Hasenberg

Community, Social Media, and Events Manager at SalesIntel

A seasoned professional in community development, strategic partnerships, and digital marketing who excels in fostering engagement and driving growth.

Laura Erdem

Sales Leader - North America at Dreamdata

Laura is a Sales leader with a crush on Marketing. Working at a startup called Dreamdata, running a North Americas Sales team. First time sales leader at a startup, with a long experience in enterprise sales. Not sure if you want it more fun, cause then you can play in that I finished an art school and have been a radio DJ. Now in sales almost by accident 😀

Sidney Waterfall

SVP of GTM Strategy & Co-Founder at Passeto

Sidney is an expert in B2B Saas Marketing (sales led and product-led). She is passionate about doing things differently. Sidney transitions marketing teams from MQLs to revenue. She’s a revops nerd at heart. You can find me in Salesforce or Analytics tools. I’m not attribution obsessed but do use data to articulate what’s working and what’s not.

Kimberly Collins

VP, Strategy and Enablement at SamSales

Kimberly is the VP of Strategy and Enablement at #samsales Consulting.  Taking a bit of an unconventional path to sales, she was a Communications Director on Capitol Hill, writer, and Communications Consultant before giving it all up to spend her days running BDR trainings, management, and workshops.  In between giving tips, real-time Q&A, and advice, she is known to demand pet photos and casually drop that she lives abroad in England to everyone she meets.  She has a degree in International Relations from The College of William and Mary, and has obnoxiously strong feelings in favor of the Oxford comma and double spacing after a period.