Recap: 5 Ways To Earn Leads Before You Pay For Them

B2B marketing is incredibly competitive in any economy, much less the one we face today. Before resorting to costly and risky paid ad tactics, are you sure you’re maximizing the impact of your organic marketing efforts? When you earn leads before you buy them, you end up with a tightly defined target market, messaging that resonates, and engaging content marketing that brings it to life and drives leads!

In this workshop, Molly Rigatti from Impulse Creative and Ariana Shannon from SalesIntel will walk you through 5 ways to scale your content marketing efforts to earn leads before buying them!

In this session, we’ll be diving into the following topics:

  • How to diagnose their content marketing challenge
  • Five ways to earn leads organically before resorting to paid channels
  • Creating content at scale (without huge lifts)

Watch The Recording

Meet the Presenters

Ariana Shannon

Director of Marketing , SalesIntel

Molly Rigatti

Director of Sales & Marketing Impulse Creative