Recap: 5 CFO-Friendly Paid Ad Tactics: Efficient Expansion with Proven Ad Strategies

Paid advertising is a dangerous game for B2B marketing professionals.

We’re under enormous pressure to drive more lead flow. One of the few reliable ways to scale quickly is paid channels, but it’s also the easiest way to burn cash inefficiently and end up with a very unhappy CFO. In this workshop, James Lamberti from SalesIntel and Gregory Kennedy from BrandZen will show you how to scale your paid channels effectively without breaking your budget. The goal is to equip you with a strategy to run paid ad campaigns with confidence in your data and show the ROI to back it up! Let’s scale responsibly!

Meet the Presenters


James Lamberti, CMO


James is a Global Go-To-Market Executive helping B2B companies package complex solutions for faster and easier sales. While James has experience in large global companies (Experian, Clorox, IRI Symphony), he is most successful in helping growth start-ups scale $5m to $150m+ ARR (Applitools, comScore, InMobi, AdTruth, Conviva) leveraging his enterprise selling, demand generation, product-led growth, and ABM marketing expertise. This extensive go-to-market expertise makes James a valuable partner to his CEO and CRO customers.

Gregory Kennedy, Founder and CEO


Gregory spent over a decade in Silicon Valley helping build $50M+ revenue companies. A two-time head of marketing, his expertise is in helping take startups from zero to scale.

He envisions BrandZen as a global leader in applying innovative thinking to overcome any obstacle businesses, non-profits, or startups face.