Recap: Thinking Outside the Inbox – How to Increase Audience Engagement

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Consumers are more savvy of digital automations and tactics. With the virtual space becoming increasingly crowded, getting a prospect’s attention and making a lasting impression is more of a challenge. It’s time for sales professionals and marketers to think outside the inbox! “Old school” tactics may seem archaic, but are more impactful than standard email sequences. Join Sendoso and SalesIntel as they dive into non-digital strategies to increase your audience engagement.

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About Braydan Young and Sendoso

Braydan Young

Braydan is the chief alliance officer at Sendoso- Sendoso is the world’s first Sending Platform (SP). Our fully integrated solution leverages automation and logistics so companies can easily source, store, ship, and track ROI for everything they ever need to send: direct mail, physical gifts, plants, perishables, customer rewards, company swag, handwritten notes, gift cards, and anything else. Partnerships are extremely important to Sendoso. We believe that technology enriches the human experience. Together, we’re fundamentally changing the way business relationships start and grow.

About Jason Hubbard & SalesIntel

Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as the VP of Partnerships and Alliances for SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth. SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With 95% accurate, human-verified contacts, 70+ Million machine processed data, and the most direct-dial contacts in the industry, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts. With the most comprehensive contact & company data and our excellent customer service, SalesIntel is your partner in growth!