Recap: How to Build Brand & Pipeline Through B2B Communities

How to Build Brand & Pipeline Through B2B Communities_Feature Image

Are you seeking to expand your brand and cultivate a robust pipeline through community engagement?

This fireside chat will explore the keys to success in strategic collaborations that drive bottom-line growth, help you understand why some brand plays soar while others falter, and gain valuable insights into crafting a brand strategy that resonates deeply with your audience.

  • Learn practical tips for selecting the right communities and influencers
  • Learn actionable tips and best practices for building impactful community partnerships that fuel pipeline growth and elevate your brand presence.

Meet the Presenters

Lori Richardson

Lori Richardson

CEO of Score More Sales & President of Women in Sales

A resilient single parent, I transformed adversity into opportunity. Armed with an education degree, I transitioned into B2B sales for financial stability. Climbing from SDR to sales leadership over 18 years, I honed my craft with top tech firms like Apple and IBM. Now, as a sales strategy consultant, I empower teams with data-driven insights, optimizing processes for revenue growth. A passionate advocate for women in sales, I founded Women Sales Pros and host the SheSellsSummit. I thrive on driving positive change, connecting leaders, and sharing cutting-edge sales tactics. Let’s connect and elevate your sales game.

Craig Henehan

Craig Henehan

Sr Director of Enterprise Revenue at SalesIntel

Energetic Sales Leader with a 25+ year proven track record in building high-performance sales teams and achieving exceptional business outcomes with complex sales processes across a variety of industries.