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5 Paths to 5x Pipeline Generation Using Modern Technographics - Webinar

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Tired of your CEO issuing go-to-market charge orders constantly?

Tired of your CEO issuing go-to-market charge orders constantly? It can be exhausting for sales, marketing, and RevOps leaders to have a new target every few weeks. Even more concerning – the constant change makes focus impossible and performance suffers. You need to get your CEO aligned and confident. But how?

If you’re a mid-size company or recently funded and either expected to grow or become more efficient in your go-to-market efforts in 2023, join this session led by veteran leaders Manoj Ramnani CEO of SalesIntel and Mike Burton, Co-Founder at Bombora . He will explain 5 paths his go-to-market teams used to get them aligned and confident in their work using modern company & account technographics and intent intelligence:

  • Quantifiable ICP & Lead Quality Definition
  • Surfacing “In-Market” Accounts for Better ABM
  • Brand, Content, & Paid Targeting Prioritization and Alignment
  • Predictable Forecasting & Capacity Planning
  • NRR Expansion

Meet the Presenters


Manoj Ramnani, CEO & Founder


Manoj is a graduate of George Washington University’s business school with a degree in Management of Information Systems. He also actively serves as a board member for Duo Education, Center for Advanced Orthopedics (CAO), GymGO and Mobile Spectrum. Manoj is the Founder and CEO of SalesIntel, a company committed to providing the highest quality B2B contact data on the market. SalesIntel’s research team hand-verifies every contact to ensure 95% accuracy on data. As the CEO, Manoj drives the strategic vision of SalesIntel, establishes and fosters key partnerships, and is building out the executive team that will make SalesIntel the leader of the data sector.

Michael Burton Bombora

Mike Burton, Co-Founder


Mike has been working with AdTech start ups since 2002. Currently, he is responsible for driving adoption of Bombora’s offerings across email marketing, analytics, programmatic display, predictive analytics and lead scoring, and countless other applications.Mike took on an integral role in building B2B’s first Intent data co-operative, helping Bombora to consolidate over 9.3 billion monthly B2B behavioral interactions. This consolidation of data fuels massive efficiencies across B2B marketing and publishing.

Prior to Bombora, Burton worked with Madison Logic as Head of Platform Sales. He was also Madison Logic’s first VP of Sales, helping the company in it’s earliest stages to grow revenue and gain a foothold in B2B’s competitive lead generation space. Mike also worked at Collective, and was one of the first employees at IndustryBrains, an innovative direct marketing firm that helped shape B2B’s early online migration.