Webinar Recap: 5 Reasons Your CRM Strategy is Failing and What to Do About It

Webinar Nov 7 - Blog Image

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on technology to help your business run, track reporting and make your sales reps’ days easier. Yet, after all these years the MarTech stack strategy and cloud-tool adoption are still relevant (and possibly extremely annoying if broken) topics. So how can you tell what’s broken in your CRM strategy and what can you do about?

Jason Hubbard, VP of Growth at SalesIntel and Babar Batla, founder and CEO of SalesDirector.ai, will be diving into this in our upcoming webinar Nov 7th. Join us and learn what easy wins you can implement to start making your CRM strategy work.


  • Where is the breakdown in your strategy?
  • Sales reps, are they lazy or just not incentivized?
  • How to get Information into the CRM without data entry
  • Garbage in, garbage out

Meet the Presenters


Babar Batla


Babar has spent 15+ years between Microsoft and Google enterprise space and run $200M book of business managing a national team. Yet, these days he spends his time training an AI system to become a great companion for sales mangers.

The SalesDirector.ai platform automatically compiles sales activity in real-time and delivers actionable insights to improve performance. It captures all sales activity and syncs it with a CRM, giving sales reps 20% of their time back by not having to input data. Pre-built dashboards provide managers real-time insight into sales activities, trends, forecasting, and red flags. SalesDirector.ai captures all sales, marketing & customer success activity to drive actionable revenue insights across the buyer journey.


Jason Hubbard


Jason has literally grown-up in startups, including helping to grow three top 100 Inc. Fastest Growing Private Companies. Most recently, Cirrus Insight was number 41. He now serves as the VP of Growth for SalesIntel.io. SalesIntel is the most comprehensive contact and company data provider that helps you target your ideal prospects and accelerate revenue growth.

SalesIntel is the top provider of accurate and affordable sales and marketing contact data. With over 4 Million contacts and the highest number of direct-dial numbers in the industry, SalesIntel is your resource for contact data. SalesIntel’s new method is to have every direct dial number and email tested and re-verified every 90 days. Our combination of automation and researchers allows us to reach 95% data accuracy for all our published contact data while continuing to scale up our number of contacts. With the most comprehensive contact & company data and our excellent customer service, SalesIntel is your partner in growth!