EBook: Targeting the Self-Directed Buyer: Strategies to Navigate the Modern B2B Buying Journey

Strategies to Navigate the Modern B2B Buying Journey

As buyers have become accustomed to researching products on their own, they have adjusted to frequently going through the entire buying process on their own. Once a purchase decision has been made, they finally reach out to close the deal. These are self-directed buyers. However, self-directed buyers tend to have higher rates of buyer’s remorse. Guidance and product walkthroughs are valuable for setting expectations and creating long-term clients. So, how do you balance educating prospects with being more hands-off than before?

We’ll cover why self-directed buyers have become the majority and how companies can better meet their needs by putting their product front and center, matching outreach to buyer intent, and building their brand to gain mindshare.

You’ll learn:

  • Why B2B buyers are increasingly self-directing their purchase decisions
  • Why B2B buying still rewards sales conversations
  • How to navigating self-directed buyers successfully