AI for Sales: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Sales

The X Factor, AI for Sales Intelligence

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Sales has changed more in the past five years than in the past
fifty. As we know, change is permanent. However, the speed
and scope of change today is different. Mathematicians call it
the third derivative or the rate of the increase in acceleration;
and increase in acceleration is exactly what Artificial Intelligence
(AI) is bringing to modern sales.

Chad Burmeister understands change, modern sales, and AI.
As sales executives embrace the fast-moving era of digital
transformation, they need to understand why and how AI is
affecting the sales environment. They will find pragmatic
answers in Chad’s book on AI for Sales.

AI for Sales: How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Sales


  • “This book is a must read as companies move from field sales
    to Inside Sales. Getting the data right is akin to putting clean
    gas in your gas tank.” Manoj Ramnani, CEO,
  • “Whether you are a sales manager or a seller, sales tools
    powered by AI can enhance and improve how you perform
    the most important parts of your job. From building a target
    list to engaging with prospects as a seller to forecasting,
    training, and coaching as a manager, we have so many tools
    available today. Selling and leading sales without the aid of AI
    is like fighting with one arm tied behind your back.” Matthew
    McDarby, Managing Director, Specialized Sales Systems
  • “With the advent of big data, and artificial intelligence,
    companies can now leverage artificial intelligence to ensure
    that companies hire the right sales professionals who both
    “can sell” and “will sell” and that they have the right reps and
    leaders in their existing sales team.” Lori Richardson, CEO,
    Score More Sales