BetterCloud’s Successful Transition from Zoominfo to SalesIntel

BetterCloud's Successful Transition from Zoominfo to SalesIntel

Company Background

BetterCloud, a leading technology company specializing in cloud management and security solutions, has always prioritized data accuracy and accessibility for its sales and marketing teams.


While Zoominfo provided valuable data, the BetterCloud Revenue Operations and Business Systems leaders faced challenges that prompted a reevaluation of its data provider. The cost of Zoominfo’s services had become a concern, and managing multiple vendors for different aspects of data (account data, contacts data, technology data, and intent data) was proving expensive and logistically challenging.


As the business landscape evolved, BetterCloud recognized the need for a more comprehensive and proved to be a more cost-effective solution. After a thorough evaluation, the decision was made to switch to SalesIntel, which significantly improved various aspects of the company’s data strategy.


The transition from Zoominfo to SalesIntel has proven beneficial for BetterCloud in terms of cost savings, enhanced data quality, and vendor consolidation. The combination of SalesIntel’s verification process and the Research On Demand functionality has empowered BetterCloud’s sales and marketing teams to make more informed and targeted decisions, ultimately contributing to the company’s continued success in a competitive market.

BetterCloud's Case Study

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Cost Saving: By transitioning to SalesIntel, BetterCloud saved over $100,000, a substantial amount compared to their previous arrangement with Zoominfo. SalesIntel’s pricing model aligned more closely with BetterCloud’s budgetary goals, allowing for better resource allocation across the organization.

Vendor Consolidation: By switching to SalesIntel, BetterCloud began the journey to streamline processes, reduce administrative overhead, and consolidate multiple vendors. They have already used SalesIntel to replace ZoomInfo and DemandBase and created the possibility to further consolidate remaining vendors, such as HG Insights and LinkedIn Sales Insights. BetterCloud’s ultimate goal is to create a more streamlined and efficient data ecosystem through a single provider.

Comprehensive Data Coverage: SalesIntel provides BetterCloud with a more extensive and accurate dataset, covering account information, contacts data, technology data, and intent data, all within a unified platform. This holistic approach to data provisioning empowered BetterCloud’s sales and marketing teams with a more complete understanding of their target audience.

Enhanced Data Quality: SalesIntel’s data quality surpasses expectations, with a rigorous verification process ensuring that the information provided is accurate and up-to-date. This improvement in data quality directly contributed to BetterCloud’s ability to engage with prospects more effectively. Including human-verified data enhanced the reliability of the information, reducing the chances of outdated or inaccurate details impacting BetterCloud’s outreach efforts.

Research On Demand Functionality: The Research On Demand feature from SalesIntel proved to be a game-changer. This functionality allowed BetterCloud to request specific data points, ensuring that their data needs were not only met but exceeded. This bespoke approach to data provisioning empowered BetterCloud to tailor its outreach strategies based on the most current and relevant information available.