7 Cold Outreach Tips to Increase Response Rate

7 Cold Outreach Tips to Increase Response Rate

For most businesses, cold outreach often sucks. But, not because people stopped paying attention to the emails they receive. In fact, according to VentureBeat, email delivers the highest ROI compared to other channels. So, the real reason for poor email performance is because the outreach is often too generic.

Since it requires less time and effort, email can still provide the highest ROI for you. It is the most effective way to scale your efforts. With only a few clicks, you can customize, personalize, segment, and automate your list.

In our previous blog, we had discussed how to improve the deliverability of your emails. In this article, we are going to help you with the 7 best B2B cold outreach tips to improve the response rate.

1. Research on Your Target Prospects Is Must

You wouldn’t call someone the wrong name. So likewise, don’t share information that doesn’t resonate with their persona. Don’t let the safety of standing behind a curtain lead to a lower-quality conversation. This might be my most important piece of advice. Do the homework before reaching out.

Your prospect can become a valuable client if they realize that you have invested time to research their company before contacting them. Reaching your prospects with a standard sales pitch can make you look desperate and make them either ignore your rest of the message or conversation over the phone.

We are living in the age of data intelligence and automation. The data you need is available with data intelligence tools. Imagine you already know if your prospect is using your competitor’s product. Wouldn’t it be easy for you to prepare a comparison material to make your outreach more effective? So, if you can, you should use a data intelligence tool to your advantage.

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2. Video Emailing

Video email marketing is just what it sounds like: incorporating video into email campaigns. Using video in email is one of the most effective ways to increase the response rate.

Equally significant, complicated concepts necessitate explanations. The typical email is 3-5 paragraphs long. There is a limit on how much you can tell in such a small number of words. However, you can tell a lot in a short video.

Video email marketing helps you to improve email opens, click-throughs, and conversions. Additionally, it keeps your recipient engaged.

However, it is important to ensure that your cold outreach videos include the appropriate messaging and timing. The first step is to define your objective. This will influence both the content and the format of your video.

For example, an introductory video should be straightforward and have you talking directly to the camera as if you were presenting yourself in person.

3. Target Your Website Visitors With the Smart Outreach

Your website is the perfect place to find out who your prospects are. According to Marketo, however, 96% of website visitors would not make a purchase or fill out a form. Marketers only focus on the 4% of website visitors who opt-in or sign up. Effort and money are being expended in an attempt to raise that figure to 5 or 6 percent. Teams are ignoring the other 96 percent of consumers who have the potential to become customers.

Marketers can personalize the experience for anonymous users by using a visitor identification tool, which allows marketers to unlock data about the website visitors without asking them to fill out forms. You can collect useful data to improve your website’s experience, target remarketing ads, and find new accounts for outreach without form fills.

Identifying visiting companies and then reaching out to them with the tailored content is a unique approach that you can take advantage of. When the recipients have already shown interest in your product, you can always expect a higher response rate.

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4. Automate what you can, but not at the expense of quality

As marketers, we all like automation. And, these days, there are a plethora of B2B outreach tools available to help simplify almost every part of the method. Automating your campaigns using an email marketing tool will save a lot of time.

Here’s what you can automate:

  • Certain aspects of the outreach target research (which blogs you want to target, who is in charge, etc.)
  • Finding email addresses
  • Follow up reminders
  • The actual sending of the emails
  • Measurement and reporting

However, automation should not be implemented at the cost of quality. When you send automated email campaigns, make sure the email campaign is executed without any issues.

For example, you are sending bulk emails. You get inbuilt operators with email campaign platforms that include operators like prefix, name, date, place, etc. If you are using the Name operator, make sure it is working properly. You wouldn’t want your recipients to receive an email that starts like,

Hello, Mr. [FirstName],

This is just one example of automation going wrong. So, it is necessary to check on the quality when you are trying to automate your outreach. Similarly, you’ll want to double-check that the data you’re feeding the system is correct. The only thing worse than your name field looking glitched is your email calling the person the wrong name.

5. Get to the Point

Leaving the reader guessing on what you are trying to convey leaves them frustrated. So, instead of wasting their time with lengthy opening paragraphs and definitions, get right to the argument or issue that you’re attempting to make in your email campaign.

And if your email is in response to a question the individual has posed, keep your opening paragraph brief and get right into answering their question.

6. Don’t Undercut Yourself

Cold outreach can feel uncomfortable if you are doing it for the first time or if you are targeting the C-Suite. As a result, most marketers make a mistake by setting a defensive tone at first. They often start with phrases like, “I’m sorry to bother you…” or “I know you’re busy…” or “Hope I am not disturbing you…” and more.

If you were planning to start with these phrases, remove them from your pitch. They undercut what you have to say and take up valuable email space. Instead, present the details with confidence and professionalism. You’re worth their time. Apply your research and homework in your messaging. If you are addressing their pain areas and providing value, they are likely to respond.

7. Put Your B2B Outreach Efforts on Qualified Prospects

Throwing darts in the dark by sending 100-300 emails per day and then waiting for the response doesn’t make your day productive. What if you send the emails to qualified prospects first? Putting your cold outreach efforts on prospects who are already looking for a similar product is a smart move.

Buyer Intent data helps you identify prospects who are actively engaged in a buying decision based on the type of content they are consuming. Targeting these prospects will increase the response rate and speed up the sales process.

SalesIntel has streamlined intent data search so that you can easily get the actionable data you need to improve lead generation.

Turn Your Cold Outreach into Warm

Cold outreach is a great way to start conversations. It helps you put the foot in the door with people who would otherwise not reply without initial contact. The only thing you need to change is your traditional approach into a data-driven approach. This will allow you to warm your cold prospects.

SalesIntel provides millions of human-verified contacts. You can filter the data based on technographic information, firmographic data, and buyer Intent Data. Remember – if your outreach is backed by the B2B data, you can turn your cold outreach into a gold mine.

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