About White Rabbit

Founded in 2019, White Rabbit Intel is here to democratize advanced AI for all businesses so that it’s easily affordable, accessible, and available to everyone. That’s right. Everyone. It’s time that we dethrone the enterprise overlords, making it a fair, noiseless market. We are leveling the playing field so all businesses have equal opportunity to thrive.

Our goal is to integrate unique AI capabilities into CRMs, increasing sales opportunities by creating a target market profile for users, from both their current and past sales successes. The AI can predetermine and deliver new prospects that match with calculated precisions – on-demand.

Use Cases

1. Case Study: Live Chat Inquiry Software as a Service

White Rabbit processed the company’s data with full business intelligence and business process analytics analysis. This data resulted in the company’s potential disconnect between their messaging and their target audience along with additional insightful information. As a result, the company doubled its revenue in 4.5 months.