Recap: Why Prospects Ghost You (And How to Avoid it in the First Place)

You had a stellar interaction. You feel confident they’ll get back to you and then …. nothing. 

When a prospect leaves you in the lurch with no response, that’s called ghosting. It’s happened to the best of sales professionals, but it hurts our quota (and our pride) all the same. 

This webinar will walk you through the psychology of ghosting and equip you with proven tactics to keep prospects engaged in your sales process. 

What you’ll learn from this session:

  • Why prospects drop off the radar
  • Tactics to bring your prospect back to the table
  • Tips for making your sales approach more engaging 
  • How a multi-channel approach decreases your chances of being ghosted

About Bryan Neale and Blind Zebra

Bryan Neale has been entertaining and educating audiences for more than 30 years. As both a veteran sales coach and an NFL referee, Bryan understands the formula for elite performance and masterfully weaves stories from the football field with inspiring, actionable content. In addition to being an NFL referee and nationally known keynote speaker, you may recognize Bryan’s voice from one of his side-gigs as co-host of The Advanced Selling Podcast, the longest running sales podcast in history. Bryan is also the founder of Blind Zebra, an elite sales and client success coaching company located in Indianapolis.

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