Recap – Be a Better Sales Coach: How Data Can Give You An Edge

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If salespeople report directly to you, coaching is your number one job. Even if you have account responsibility, pointing your team in the right direction and leading them to victory is your primary focus. Modern sales managers use data-driven models to help give structure to larger goals, but the best sales managers that consistently and predictably hit their goals are the ones who are using data to frame their weekly 1:1s with their individual sales reps.

Watch the conversation between Ambition’s VP of Sales, Mark McWatters, and SalesIntel’s Sales Enablement Leader, Frank Frisbie, as they talk through how to create a clear, data-driven coaching structure and how to break it down into your weekly 1:1s.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to ensure reps are prioritizing the right deals at the right time by looking at available data
  • How to create regular competitions around your KPIs that move the needle predictably
  • Methods of reviewing progress-to-plan and your sales formula in your weekly 1:1s

About Mark McWatters & Ambition

Mark McWatters
Mark McWatters is the VP of Sales at Ambition. Mark is from Nashville, TN and a graduate (and too loyal fan) of the University of Tennessee. Mark loves all things sales — but only if it’s done with the prospect in mind, not your commission. He lives in Nashville with his wife, 2 real kids, and his favorite child – his black lab, Layla.


About Frank Frisbie & SalesIntel

Frank Frisbie

Frank Frisbie is a sales leader and coach with experience in hardware, SAAS, FINTech and marketing. A graduate of Washington College, Frank taught middle school before diving into his sales career. As a sales professional, leader, and corporate trainer he is always teaching. He is an adaptable extrovert and loves the start-up space. He lives outside Baltimore, MD with his wife and 2 children. In his spare time he washes his hands and wears a mask.

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