Recap: 5 Trigger Phrases Every Leader Should Stop Using

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One in 10 people are living with a mental health diagnosis, and likely that includes someone you work with or manage every day. The global pandemic, social unrest, strain on the economy, remote work, and everything in between that we experienced in 2020 likely caused your employees to be pushed to the edge of their mental and emotional health, forcing them to tread water or worse, remain stuck in a personal crisis.
As leaders, it’s our responsibility to check in on the people we manage and tune our awareness into the mental and emotional health of our teams. A little bit of knowledge can go a long way in not triggering someone with a mental health diagnosis and putting them in a vulnerable place. Watch the recap as we bring awareness to and discuss phrases that may seem harmless yet destroy an employee’s confidence.
  • Mental health and the workplace
  • 5 trigger phrases for leaders to avoid
  • What creating a ‘safe’ working environment means
  • Live Q&A/discussion to share your experiences

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