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How to Set Up and Use Our SalesLoft Integration

With the SalesIntel’s native integration you can now export contacts directly to Salesloft, select cadences and set record tags all from the SalesIntel database.

Here’s how it works!

Export Contacts Directly to SalesLoft

To log into SalesLoft select your name in the top right corner, click “SalesLoft Settings”, and then enter your credentials. After you’ve logged in, you can use any and all of the SalesIntel search parameters such as job level, department, industry and other filter options to find and export contacts.

Once you’ve made your selection of the contacts you want to export to SalesLoft, go to Bulk Actions and select “export to SalesLoft.”

Next, you’ll be prompted to select a cadence to add the contacts to. Once you’ve selected the cadence, select next and you’ll be given the opportunity to add tags to these records as well.

Simply type in the name of the tag and the options will appear in a drop down menu here. Just select the tag or tags you want and click ‘next’.

SalesIntel will then check to see if you’ve selected contacts that already exist in SalesLoft and will de-dupe any duplicate contacts. Once you’ve selected an option click ‘next’ and you’ll see that those contacts have successfully exported to SalesLoft.

Then when you go into SalesLoft you’ll see Holly’s contact record was created on Nov 30th, their recent activity and contact has been assigned to Gary. It’s that easy.