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How to Export LinkedIn Contacts with RevDriver

How it Works

RevDriver is an amazing Chrome Extension that allows users to quickly find direct dial, direct email and other contact information they’re looking for at the click of a button. RevDriver’s data is sourced from SalesIntel’s 95% accurate, human-verified contacts. 

And, in case you didn’t know, it’s 100% free to reveal contacts with our extension! No subscription required. If you haven’t already you can download the RevDriver Chrome extension here.

You can use RevDriver in two ways: First is by finding contacts directly on Linkedin and the second way is company websites. 

Linkedin Profile

Go to a the person’s profile, open the chrome extension and we’ll show you the contacts here and give you the ability to reveal their information. If you’re one of our amazing enterprise users, you’ll be given the option to export to your email marketing platform or CRM here. 

You also have the option to toggle between SalesIntel’s 5 Million 95% accurate human-verified information or look at the 65 Million contacts pending verification from our research team. You can toggle between those option here. 

You can even refine your search by selecting this drop-down menu and entering in filters like you would in our app. Once you’ve entered your filters hit “apply” and then RevDriver will show you the data. 

Company Website Search

The second way to use the RevDriver Chrome extension is by opening a company’s website. When you go to any website, you’ll be able to access all contact information we have for that domain. 

Just click the RevDriver icon to open the window and you’ll see the results in just one click! 

UPDATE: RevDriver permits users to reveal 10 contacts per month.