Upload Suppression Lists, Export All Contacts & More

We’re excited to release the newest updates and additions to the SalesIntel platform: upload a suppression list, easily view contacts from Company Searches, and export “all” from search results.

Now when you run a company search you’ll see a new filter in the side panel, suppression lists. This feature lets you upload a list of emails, domains and titles you want to exclude from future search results.

Suppressing certain results is great if you have a list of existing customers that you don’t want to pull into a new campaign list or if you know certain titles are not your target audience.

To learn more about this feature watch our video: How to Upload a Suppression List

In addition to Upload a Suppression List, users will now see the total number of human verified contacts and contacts still pending verification next to the total number of companies found.

Simply click on either number and you’ll be brought to those contacts instantly.

Then with our new Export All feature, you can export all of your results to your email marketing system, CRM or CSV document.

Start matching your target contacts and companies today with the best B2B Data Available at SalesIntel.