SalesIntel’s Data Enrichment for Salesforce

We are thrilled to announce the latest addition to our Salesforce Managed Package, CRM Data Enrichment

In addition to being able to search for contacts and companies directly in Salesforce, our users now have the ability to run one time enrichments or set up auto enrichment for accounts, leads and contacts. 

This new functionality is completely customizable for any enrichment you’re needing. 

    • Easily set up auto enrichment such as inbound form fills to get better insight for outreach or customizing your message.
    • Fight data decay by keeping your contacts and accounts up to date with the latest information.
    • Enrich and append event leads to get contact and firmographic information
    • Auto-enrich every lead or contact added to your system by a sales rep and more!

When you manually submit an enrichment job, we’ll send you a report for your requested update. This report shows the match rate of your CRM data to our 95% accurate human-verified data and the amount of data that we can enrich. 

Once the report is received, you can then push the update into your live system. We also provide rollback for enrichment jobs for up to 15 days after completion. 

Keep your CRM up to date with SalesIntel, your partner in growth.