RevDriver Saved Filters: Make Your Web Prospecting More Effective

RevDriver is our much-loved, 5-star-rated Chrome extension that allows our users to take SalesIntel’s data with them across the web. The core functionality of RevDriver is to intelligently provide company and contact information directly from company websites, Salesforce and LinkedIn. It makes the everyday research that comes with sales more actionable and valuable and serves as a critical tool for actively prospecting across the web. 

We recently made RevDriver more powerful with several enhancements and wanted to dive into Saved Filters and why this seemingly simple upgrade is genuinely a game-changer. This upgrade allows RevDriver the capacity to scale alongside even the most active of web prospecting activities and drive incredible efficiencies.

How Saved Filters Work 

Users are often looking for the specific personas that make up their buying center when evaluating opportunities at new organizations — you can now build a filter set within RevDriver for each of your personas. Once you create this filter, it will always be easily accessible, and you can select it from the drop-down. As a bonus, any selected filter will persist until you change it. 

For example, if you are selling email marketing tools focused on retailers, chances are you are focused on selling to a few personas such as “Digital Marketing Director.” Now let’s say you stumble across a list of the fastest-growing eCommerce retailers; suddenly, you can open these retail brands across several tabs and use RevDriver, with your saved filters of “Digital Marketing Director” turned on and within a minute you could have added a dozen new prospects into your CRM or sales outreach tool. 

Why Saved Filters is a Game Changer 

The idea to create saved, persistent filters came from listening to our own users — both our internal sales team (who are also power users!) and our clients. We saw how they were repeating the same actions dozens of times in a single session and realized that no one in the market was making this experience better. Now, RevDriver stands alone in providing this experience conveniently in the default extension view, side-by-side with the content you’re browsing. This is a great example of how our team is constantly listening to and acting on our customer’s needs. 

With the advancement of RevDriver, your prospecting across the web is immediately faster, easier, and more efficient. No longer are you building filter sets on each page – you now have a bunch of saved filters reflecting the key personas, which you can easily toggle. Ultimately, find your best prospects faster and seamlessly add them to your CRM or an export file, all from RevDriver. 

Innovative Ideas To Get Started

Now that you have the power of saved filters that persist, there is so much you can do. Here are a few ways to make the most of RevDriver with saved filters. 

The ABM Approach

Have an ABM (account-based marketing) strategy and several different personas as part of your buying process? Now you can go deep into your target accounts by visiting their corporate websites, toggling to the various personas within RevDriver, and adding them to your CRM. This can happen inline while you learn more about their business and company. This helps you build out an entire account (full of gatekeepers, decision makers & influencers) in virtually no time. 

A quick tip: build out your saved filters today to reflect the personas, so you are ready to go next time you are on a target account website. 

Get List Happy 

This approach is much like the example above when we explained how saved filters work, but there are so many lists on the internet — so spend a few minutes with your colleagues and come up with the ideal lists you’d want to target. Once you start Googling these lists, many of them (or some variations) will exist. Try using words like “rankings,” “top,” or “fastest-growing” paired with your target industries and/or locations (e.g., top retailers in the United States, retailer rankings for brands in the United States, etc.)

A quick tip: if the list is structured like this one, you can simply hover over the links, right-click and open all of these sites in new tabs, making your RevDriver saved filters prospecting even easier! 

Be Prepared For The Big Call

Are you getting ready for a big sales call? Learn the players quickly and have RevDriver pulled up to be able to real-time filter on your personas for possible key contacts to have at the ready and be able to do active, easy research during the call. This strategy can lead to your ability to ask a pivotal, insightful question such as, “I noticed you had a Director of Email Marketing — Doug Smith; is he someone we should include in the next follow-up call?”