RevDriver Is Even More Powerful — Prospect Across The Web

“Absolutely love it and would certainly recommend it to salespeople for getting contact details within no time.”

SalesIntel customers love using RevDriver, our Chrome Extension, as a tool to expand the power of SalesIntel. RevDriver provides the ability to retrieve and export contact data while researching and prospecting on company websites, LinkedIn, and even when you use Salesforce and want more information about a contact or company. 

We’ve upgraded RevDriver to make it even more powerful for users. These recent updates are below. 

  • Saved Filters:  You can build and save filters within RevDriver. Once you select a filter, it persists until you change it, so you can easily open up tabs from an article or list and start filtering on your key personas right away with just a click or two! 
  • More Export Options: You can export contacts directly from RevDriver into your CRM and other tools. We recently added support for Zoho & Microsoft Dynamics. We also support exports to Salesforce, Hubspot, Salesloft, and Marketo, along with the option of exporting to a CSV file. 
  • Multi-cadence mapping for Salesloft: When you export multiple prospects over to Salesloft, you can quickly put them into different cadences by selecting a cadence from the dropdown menu. 
  • Salesforce Account Mapping Two upgrades for our Salesforce users — first, you now are prompted with more options to update, and re-map exported contacts to the correct accounts.
  • Improved Results Within Salesforce: Now when you are using Salesforce and are on an account or contact page; you are served more relevant, contextual results depending on your page.

PS – If you aren’t a SalesIntel customer – you can try out RevDriver for free, you can get a feel for how it works, and you’ll get to see how our data quality is the best in the industry.