Reach EdTech Decision Makers with Education Intel!

SalesIntel is delighted to announce the release of Education Intel.

The SalesIntel team is thrilled to announce its newest updates for the Higher Education Industry, Education Intel (EduIntel). This comprehensive data set profiles every approachable college and university in the United States;  complete with contact information for organizational leadership, decision-makers and key influencers, technographic data, and the most accurate and actionable collegiate data on the market today.

Armed with this data, sales, and marketing professionals can launch more targeted campaigns and trust that their messages are reaching the right people across the spectrum of the Higher Education market. 


Highlights of the EduIntel offering include:
  • Nearly 250,000 human-verified contacts and 5 million machined processed contacts
  • Firmographic data on nearly 6,000 colleges and universities
  • Technographics detailing each college’s technical environment including software, learning management systems, collaboration tools, information security, cloud platforms, and much more
  • The ability to find out which contacts at which colleges are visiting your websites by applying the VisitorIntel feature to the EduIntel data

When coronavirus cases began to surge in the spring, campuses shut down and transitioned to a hybrid approach or virtual instruction, giving way to unforeseen costs such as upgrading technology, training faculty and staff to manage new teaching platforms, and investing in safety equipment and public health.”

US News and World Report, July 27, 2020

According to SalesIntel Founder & CEO Manoj Ramnani: 

“American colleges are investing more in the cloud, SaaS, and security technologies than ever before with remote learning becoming more and more necessary,” says SalesIntel Founder & CEO, Manoj Ramnani.  “We at SalesIntel believe in our clients, and we take every possible measure to help those clients get in front of this industry that is in desperate need of technologies that will help them reduce costs and securely manage all their data.”

For more information on the EduIntel data set or to set up a training session, please reach out to and we will be in touch directly.

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Higher education was already undergoing tremendous foundational changes. With colleges and universities shut down and the nature and timing of their return uncertain, trends that were already upending the status quo have been accelerated. We’ve invited expert Roberto Torreggiani to share his experiences and perspective on how recent events are impacting the higher education industry.