New Release: Search by Technographic Data

We’re excited to announce that we’ve added the ability to search by technographic data to SalesIntel. We have partnered with HG Insights, formerly HG Data, the gold standard in technographic data, so that our customers can have the best view of the entire B2B buying landscape possible. 

Now, you can find the companies that specifically use the products or vendors that match your ideal audience. Maybe you want to find companies that use a competitor or you want to only focus on companies that use Salesforce. 

We have a huge assortment of data so you can define, filter, and search exactly the contact data you’d like with the confidence that they are already qualified to be customers.

In the company search, you can use the technographic filter to search for companies by what products and vendors they use. You can see the new search options on the left side in the screenshot below.

For example, you can search for companies that use VMware as a vendor.

You can also search by category, e.g. Communications Management – Email, if there is a general category you would like to focus your search on.

Search with one technographic field or all three to find the best-qualified contact information for your needs. Then use the “View Contacts” button to find that company’s decision maker.