Easily Find and Target Company Subsidiaries on SalesIntel’s Company View

Arlington, VA, February 15, 2021: SalesIntel is continuing to advance its position as a world leader in sales and marketing enablement data with the release of Company Subsidiaries, which details the relationships between parent companies and their subsidiaries and vice versa.

Company Subsidiaries will further enable sales and marketing teams to understand complex organizations and identify the full breadth and depth of the opportunity.

Our industry-leading data science team developed a highly efficient and targeted process that surfaces and associates organizations that are owned by other companies. From that baseline, our world class human research team vets and then links together organizations, which we present in an easily digestible way that can be clicked through to navigate these complex company structures.

Company Subsidiaries allows users to:

  • Associate parent and subsidiary organizations within the SalesIntel environment in order to obtain the most complete picture possible of a specific opportunity
  • Launch stronger ABM campaigns by tailoring messaging to speak to a parent company or a subsidiary
  • More efficiently assign named accounts to the appropriate sales or marketing organization, enabling your teams to do what they do best: sell
  • Identify which company to talk to by comparing child companies to see if their parent makes technology purchasing decisions for its subsidiaries or allows them to choose on their own
  • Save countless research hours with access to the most direct dial and mobile phone numbers in named accounts within the SalesIntel portal
  • Immediately be able to click through SalesIntel to identify the decision makers and firmographics within the subsidiary organization they are targeting along with the parent

“Our clients are increasingly informing us that land-and-expand is a strong approach for them and they need a complete picture of how each account is structured,” says SalesIntel Founder & CEO Manoj Ramnani. “This organization intelligence will inform them of those hierarchical relationships they need to understand, and allow sales and marketing leaders to appropriately assign resources to named accounts when they see the full picture in the SalesIntel database.”

For more information on Company Subsidiaries or to set up a training session, please reach out to support@salesintel.io and we will be in touch directly.


About SalesIntel:

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