Chrome Extension: Export Contacts Directly to CRM & Email Marketing Platforms

We’re excited to share the newest update to RevDriver, our Chrome extension, for our Enterprise users.  

Now when looking for contacts on Linkedin and on company websites, you can easily export our human-verified contacts directly to your CRM or email marketing platforms. Simply set all the refine search elements you need, search and export. 

If you’re not an enterprise user you can use the free version of the chrome extension and have access to the exact same human-verified contact data. Give it a try and see how it improves your prospecting tasks.

How the SalesIntel Chrome Extension Works:

Use cases:

  1. Access verified email addresses and direct dial numbers from your prospect accounts as you travel across the web including sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  2. Visit a company’s website and search all the contacts SalesIntel has available by role, department or more.


You want to talk to the head of IT at Netflix. You visit Netflix, click on’s chrome icon, and we’ll show you want has for Netflix. You then narrow the contact search from the Chrome extension to IT and Director and the email and direct dial come up for the head of IT. You can then reach out without having to login into

Company Website Search

When you go to a company’s website, we’ll show you how many contacts we have at that domain. For an example company, SalesIntel could have over 100 human verified contacts for you.

Just click the SalesIntel icon to open the window and you’ll see the results! You can even refine your search. Search for someone directly, or by job level and department. Once you’ve entered in your filters hit “apply” and then SalesIntel will show you the data.

Once you’ve found the people you’re looking for, you can reveal their contact information!

LinkedIn Profile

The second way you can use the SalesIntel Chrome extension is by searching for prospects on Linkedin. Go to the person’s profile, open the chrome extension and, if they’re in our database, we will show you the contact and give you the ability to reveal their information here as well.

Now you don’t have to rely on Premium memberships or Linkedin In-mails to reach that person for you. You’ll have the contact’s email and phone number to reach out to them directly.