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Hunting for the right talent? SalesIntel offers contact data for over 2 million (and growing) professionals with access to their verified business email addresses, direct dial phone numbers, up to date roles and titles and more, helping you to access the rich talent pool you need to hire the best in the industry.

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Take the guesswork out of recruiting

Are the candidates you’re looking for also looking for you? In today’s tight labor market you can’t sit back and expect the best talent to come to you. With advanced contact and company data, recruiters are able to identify the right people at the right companies to target their recruitment efforts. With SalesIntel you can screen for titles, roles, contact info, company data, technologies used and organizational structure and ensure you’re always targeting your efforts at the right candidates.

Immediately connect with your ideal candidates

In today’s tight job marketplace, you need a multichannel approach to outreach so that you can reach candidates wherever they are engaged. Armed with verified email addresses, direct dial numbers and links to LinkedIn profiles you will see higher response rates, better engagement and fast-track the entire recruitment process. The most reliable contact data available allows you to create smarter strategic follow-up messages and get them straight to the right people through the right channels – helping you stand out in a crowded market. The difference between an A and C player can mean 100’s of thousands of dollars to your bottom line, so be sure you’re targeting the right candidates!!

Keep growing your ideal candidate pool

When internal changes within a company such as changes to title, roles, responsibilities, etc. are taken into consideration data decays as much as 60-70% per year. As a result, your candidate pool becomes out of date as quickly as you build it. Fortunately, SalesIntel’s world-class research team tests and re-verifies our data by hand, every 90-days. Now you no longer have to waste endless hours updating contact records and tracking down candidates at new companies and positions.

Use SalesIntel to kick-start your recruitment journey!