and SalesIntel: Targeting Ads for Your Ideal Accounts

We’re excited to announce that and SalesIntel are working together to help enable your sales reps and master account-based marketing. With the combined power of both apps, you can go from no ABM strategy to getting your perfect prospect on the phone. analyzes your CRM data with their specialty algorithm to find your best customers, engaged prospects, and fast-moving deals. With all your data, creates your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and targets them with ads for you. Instead of having to try and figure out your ideal targets on your own and implement ads across multiple systems, will handle it all for you.

Once you begin seeing new leads come in from your ideal customers, SalesIntel can help you find contacts you need to start conversations with decision makers at each account. Before you even get them on the phone, they’ll already be familiar with your brand from the ads has shown them.

The partnership is a simple way to get the most from your ad spend. Your ads are shown to the best possible prospective clients and then you can use contact data from SalesIntel to help you close the deal once they engage.

We’re hosted a webinar to show you how the two work together as well as how you can begin pretargeting your accounts to supercharge your ABM strategy.

Our Joint Webinar Recap: Pretargeting for ABM Success