About ScaleX

Sales automation you’ll find delightfully human. An autonomous, intelligent resource for high-growth companies from high-velocity to complex account based selling.

Use Cases!

1.Pipeline as a Service

 ScaleX delivers ~50,000 sales and marketing touches/month on your behalf, to generate meetings and pipeline. Activities include email + social outreach + paid-ads + dials.

2. Social Introductions (Account Based Solution)

ScaleX Leverage your entire social network to help you get introductions to your top target accounts. Leveraging a database of 136M US contacts and 5.5 Trillion Shared Experiences, ScaleX’s platform allows companies to build contact-rich lists like SalesIntel with the relationship personalization of LinkedIn at scale.

3. ScaleX can do in hours what would otherwise take months or years

  1. Millions of relationships analyzed
  2. Hundreds of potential un-leveraged deals identified
  3. Customized strategies to turn deals into opportunities
  4. More Deals. More Quickly