$1M Pledge: Free Software, Services, and Discounts For Those in Need

With virtually the entire country on lockdown due to the pandemic, businesses are already starting to face the brunt of the impact as their operations are disrupted and pipelines dry up, resulting in stagnated or negative growth. By all predictions, the situation is only going to get worse in the coming weeks and months forcing many businesses, particularly the small ones, into downsizing or even bankruptcy.

There is, however, one sigh of relief – governments and the business community have come out strongly to help those in need. Be it the $2 trillion federal government package in the US along with similar efforts in other countries or the hundreds of millions pledged by large corporations, while they can’t compensate for all of the losses, they will certainly make these turbulent times less painful. 

SalesIntel too is doing its part to give back to the community we have always served. Besides offering  1,000 leads for free to make up for lost leads due to event cancellations, we have also pledged $1M in software, services, and discounts to help companies keep their pipeline full and their sales engine running. At a time when maintaining sales is the biggest challenge for businesses to remain afloat, we believe keeping your revenue stream flowing is the only solution to ensure not just survival but also that you emerge stronger from this crisis.