XPEDIANT DIGITAL: Building Outbound Process With SalesIntel


The Client

XPEDIANT DIGITAL is a marketing automation solutions provider that primarily caters to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries. The company offers a boutique of tools to help companies effectively manage their marketing material while being fully compliant with all industry rules and regulations.

We interviewed Demetris Ioannou, Sales Director at XPEDIANT DIGITAL, to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their sales and marketing efforts.

Building an Outbound Process

Working in a big-ticket low-volume space, XPEDIANT has traditionally relied on organic growth through inbound channels and relationships to find and engage new clients.

“The pharmaceutical space is not that big. There aren’t a ton of companies, but each one of those companies is very large,” Ioannou said.

And while such an approach proved effective, they weren’t satisfied with the rate of growth. They wanted to reach out to more prospects through a proactive outbound channel. And just as they built a sales team, they quickly felt the need for a reliable data source.

“It was our first go-to-market strategy. As a salesperson, I needed access to information because we had none. We didn’t know where to start.”


Signing up for SalesIntel

As XPEDIANT went out looking for an ideal data provider, they had two key considerations. First, they needed access to technographic data as most of their target customers used a particular suite of tools. Second, they didn’t want to invest a lot in the early experimentation stage.

“A former colleague of mine who’s also a friend told me about SalesIntel,” Ioannou said. “He just mentioned that it was robust, especially for technographics, and had a lot of contacts. He also liked the on-demand functionality, and the big thing is, he too as a sales director was worried about costs because to get the technographics at some other companies was an additional fee.”

After the demo, he found SalesIntel had all that they needed with Research-on-Demand as a cover for any gaps they might face.

“SalesIntel had a really easy UI, which I liked. The onboarding process was quick.”

Robust Process, Better Prospecting

XPEDIANT outsources the bulk of its BDE functions. But they handle identifying the right accounts and contacts and building the prospect lists that the sales reps then use for outreach in-house. With SalesIntel, they can quickly filter, sort, and create custom lists with high data accuracy.

Also, since they target a niche market, Research-on-Demand has made sure Ioannou can get requisite contact information without having to dedicate any time for research.

“I might request 50 to 100 contacts at one time in one sitting and do that multiple days in a row and then not again for two weeks. It’s important that I could get it when I needed it without a large outbound prospecting team”

Another thing Ioannou liked is intent data to precisely identify active accounts and launch targeted email campaigns to generate more traction.

“For companies like ours that operate in very specific terms, within specific tools, it was helpful to see, and it was surprising because we saw a list of companies that were searching for the terms that we wanted to research and there were companies that we weren’t as familiar with,” Ioannou said. “I might use those terms in my marketing outreach because if they’re searching for them, it might be useful for me to put them in.”

Talking about the direct impact of SalesIntel on their business growth, Ioannou was positive and pointed to the improved prospecting, wider outreach, and significant time savings.

“It’s helping us grow our business.”