X-Mode Case Study: Improved Data and Sales Productivity

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Introducing X-Mode

X-Mode’s goal is to change the way the average consumer views big data by implementing some of the most transparent and user-centric collection methods in the space. X-Mode’s location data platform maps over 15% of the US population monthly by partnering with app publishers to provide monetization and growth solutions. They power attribution and customer segment based solutions for over 25+ companies in ad-tech, fin-tech, market research, and real estate.

We sat down to talk with their Director of Sales, TJ Wilson. Wilson is in charge of finding app publishers who are a good fit to work with X-Mode’s data solutions platform.

Struggling to Scrape Together Contact Info

Before using SalesIntel, X-Mode didn’t have a budget for data collection and couldn’t afford the typical high priced solutions.

“Literally, two or three people or salespeople would have to search and find contacts online,” Wilson said.

The process was slow and tedious. The X-Mode team would have to use LinkedIn requests and scraping the internet to try and find what few contacts they could. It was done purely by grunt work, brute force and long hours. X-Mode was finding a small fraction of the leads SalesIntel could provide.

Why SalesIntel Was Easily Worth the Investment

Wilson was introduced to SalesIntel’s CEO, Manoj Ramnani, by X-Mode’s CEO and began their free trial of SalesIntel.

“I talked to the CEO directly and was sold by him and their head of data science,” Wilson said. “The strongest thing that stuck out to me was the phone numbers. Other services we were considering just didn’t have direct dial phone numbers.”

Other services also didn’t have the contacts X-Mode was actually looking for.

“Everybody has pretty common information [in the data space]. App publishers are a pretty niche market, so it’s hard to find specific data.”

But, SalesIntel was able to work directly with X-Mode to find the data they needed. Instead of having to do follow-up research as they would with competitor data sources, X-Mode could get right to having sales conversations.

X-Mode’s Immediate Results with SalesIntel

After being able to talk with SalesIntel CEO Manoj Ramnani and the data science team, Wilson was impressed by SalesIntel’s customer service.

“It’s a ridiculously good customer experience working with a company and being known on a first name basis and being able to talk to the CEO. That’s the benefit of working with a smaller company. We would share a data task that would historically take us two-three weeks and it would be done by the end of the week.”

All of the contact data X-Mode received fit their specific niche and had contact data on the ideal company positions for outreach.

Thanks to no longer having to do independent research, sales reps now have 25-40% more time to focus on selling, and Wilson expects to see big revenue results in Q1 of 2019.

“The platform is really easy to use. I wish we had SalesIntel earlier,” Wilson said. Because of the high-quality data, amazing customer service, and improved sales productivity, X-Mode expects to see a high return from SalesIntel this year.