SupportLogic: More Partners than Clients

“You are almost a part of our team, or at least an independent contractor. That’s invaluable.”

Vladislav Semenov, Senior Account Executive at SupportLogic

About SupportLogic

SupportLogic is a California-based technology company that builds custom machine learning models for companies to optimize and enhance their customer support process. It is a support experience management tool that uses AI and machine learning to sort through historical customer tickets to predict what kind of tickets are likely to escalate and across which segments that enables their clients to proactively get on top of their product and services before anything goes wrong. 

We had a nice long chat with Vladislav Semenov, Senior Account Executive at SupportLogic about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it has had on their outreach efforts.


Kickstarting Outbound Sales 

When Vladislav joined SupportLogic, the company essentially had zero experience in outbound sales and marketing. As Vladislav pointed out, “I was the first salesperson that was doing outbound.” When I started, the website didn’t even have a lead-capture form” he continued. 

This meant the company had to essentially start from scratch but as Vladislav had experience previously building such processes, he knew what he needed- a reliable B2B source. 

“We are into B2B high-cost tickets. So for a lot of our customers, the average cost/ticket is around $200”. 

That meant they were looking for a very specific set of companies and what made the matters even worse was that the titles they needed aren’t as uniform or prominent across industries. 

As Vladislav explained, “Honestly, titles like Customer Support aren’t as prominent in B2B databases because there are only a few support conferences. So it takes a lot of additional research to get their contact details.”

So when he asked around for data providers who could meet their specific needs, one of his contacts referred SalesIntel to him. 

Signing up for SalesIntel 

“Before we signed up with SalesIntel, we reached out to you and a few other companies and gave you guys a list of companies and titles we are interested in and had you do your research. SalesIntel was able to pull in more folks than other companies.” pointed out Vladislav explaining his initial selection process. 

At this point, while he was assured of the data quality in our system, the problem of support titles still persisted. We solved it through our Research-on-Demand service where he could just provide us a list of his prospects and our research team would go find the contact details. 

To put it in his own words, “The thing I was really sold on was your proposition of If we don’t have it, we’ll go get it”.

The fact that we had the highest quality data and were able to provide custom research, made us the best fit for his unique requirements and he finally signed up for SalesIntel. 

Less Research, More Leads, Better Opportunities

“Traditionally, I’d make marketing intern do a lot of that research and then head to and import the leads. Here we are getting a better deal because instead of just getting leads that exist in the platform, we are getting custom research done,” explained Vladislav about his workflow before switching to SalesIntel. 

With us, they have drastically cut down the research time, get more leads, and by extension, opportunities off their every campaign. 

“Off the bat, there was a 15% hit rate for the folks we wanted (with You guys get us much higher”

They can now just send us their target list of companies and support titles, and we get them all the contact details needed. In the latest of such requests, they provided us with a list of 115 companies of which we matched 95% and provided 379 contacts into them. 

This close co-operation means that he doesn’t only get access to the data on our platform but has his own research team on demand. 

He sums up this close co-operation by pointing out “You are almost a part of our team, or least an independent contractor. That’s invaluable.”

Apart from getting data for general sales and marketing purposes, SupportLogic has also extensively used it for pre-event marketing and been quite successful. 

As Vladislav narrated one specific case, they were attending an event and found out the VP of a company that was on their target list was also going to come. They got his contact details from us, reached out to him, and set a meeting at the event booth. They went on dinner the next evening and a demo was set.  

“That story kind of resonates with other folks as well,” said Vladislav emphasizing how accurate data can play an instrumental role in event marketing. 

Though it’s too early to put exact figures on how much SalesIntel has improved the team’s output there has been a noticeable increase in opportunities and even a customer who has started a POC.  

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