Strengthening RevOps to Support the GTM Team

Openprise Case Study

Customer Background

  • OpenPrise is a RevOps automation platform, helping companies accelerate their funnel flow and drive efficient revenue growth.
  • Industry: Information Technology, Year Founded: 2017, Website


Ed King, Openprise CEO and Founder, and his team at Openprise believe that great processes and great data are the keys to success, so it was a no-brainer to partner with SalesIntel for their data needs. However, even with the wins they were having, their RevOps team identified some areas of improvement internally that SalesIntel was able to help with. These all center around workflow efficiencies and internal standardization. Openprise has since been able to really solidify internal efficiencies and build best practices that promote the overall success of the business.


By the nature of his role, Ed King oversees multiple business priorities: grow efficiently, establish their product category and reference architecture, and build a best practice framework for their RevOps team and more. 

However, the organization needed to improve customer retention and more clearly quantify ROI. There was also too heavy of a reliance on individual sales players, instead of strong plays. In order to improve their processes across the board, the strategy had to be set with their RevOps function.


Like most organizations, RevOps is a strategic team at Openprise. They are the super glue that holds everything else together– maximizing growth, efficiency, and revenue quality. With this understanding in mind, they were able to operationalize their data and really make a difference. They broke this down in three steps –

  1. Make it Good – They placed new rigor on the data they were receiving, making it higher quality and enriching through SalesIntel.
  2. Make it Yours – Now that they were getting good data, they segmented it properly to make it their own. Through scoring, grading, and tiering, this data actually meant something to Openprise.
  3. Make it Useful – You have to be able to put this high quality data to good use to see the return. Openprise was able to maintain their total addressable market and run effective Account Based Experience (ABX) campaigns, all with the help of SalesIntel.

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The team at Openprise have proven that RevOps teams have a crucial role in the success of how their B2B data is used. In partnering with SalesIntel, they have fundamentally transformed their business and fine-tuned their function. 

Some of their most stand out benefits include workflow efficiencies, standardization, and improved definitions- 

  •  Well defined Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), Total Addressable Market (TAM), and (Total Relatable Market) TRM
  • ABX Sales Motion
  • $145k Average Contract Value


Openprise discovered the importance of involving their RevOps leaders in their data and campaigns. In this process, they were able to develop successful, efficient, and effective business operations. Defining lead quality, measuring markets, and enhancing workflows took them to the next level. And they aren’t slowing down any time soon!