Straub Marketing: Better Prospecting and Time Savings Using SalesIntel


Having been in business for 50 years, Straub Marketing is a leader in brand management and custom solutions. From conception to execution and everything in between, it is a one-stop shop for businesses looking to build and elevate their brand.

We interviewed John Chipoletti, Director of Business Development at Straub Marketing, to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and how it has helped in their outreach efforts.

The Challenge

Being a brand management agency, maintaining the highest quality standards is in the company’s DNA and is reflective across the board including their marketing efforts.

“All of our prospects are very specifically chosen.” Chipoletti said.

Given the time and resources they invest in their outreach, they need to make sure they can easily reach decision-makers. Traditionally, the company relied on individual research efforts and acumen to find contact data, but it was time-consuming and caused bottlenecks. That’s why they decided to license a B2B data provider to ensure they could maintain their high-quality standards while being efficient in their operations.

After assessing all the available options in the market, the company found the most value in SalesIntel and decided to sign up. 


Better Prospecting and Saving Time

As Chipoletti started using SalesIntel, he quickly realized how effortless it made executing their rigorous research standards to find the right-fit accounts and prospects.

“We use a lot of firmographics. We use SalesIntel also to find companies that we want to research further based on their employee count and annual revenue. But if we happen to come across a business or know of one that we want to reach out to, we vet them through SalesIntel to ensure that they meet our ideal customer profile.

“We’re looking for very specific individuals, marketing, vice presidents, directors, CEOs. We’re going to a very high level.”

While this approach consumed a lot of time and effort in the early stages of building campaigns, it paid dividends over time in the form of higher engagement and more qualified leads.

“What we like best is the ability to vet organizations before we contact them. Otherwise, we may reach out to 3, or 4, or 5, or 10 people before we find the right person.”

The best part is that despite taking such a hyper-targeted approach, SalesIntel allows him to be efficient and productive by cutting down the time he would otherwise spend researching prospects.

“If I can shave away three or four hours a week of trying to do research on my own, that’s a huge benefit.”

Overall, Straub Marketing has found the value with SalesIntel they had hoped for, and they are confident of reaping even better returns moving ahead.