StorySlab: Leveraging Mobile Numbers to Create Opportunities

The Client

StorySlab is a sales enablement tool that delivers actionable insights for sales and marketing to coach sales conversations through dynamic content. It is a one-stop solution for sales reps to access any piece of content or product during a sales call to ensure they have high-quality conversations and more opportunities to upsell.

We talked to Joe Mecca, Sr. Director of Marketing & Sales Enablement at StorySlab, to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their sales and marketing efforts.

Disrupted by Pandemic

StorySlab was using prospect data from another data vendor, but when the pandemic hit their conversation rates suddenly plummeted. Everyone had started working remotely, and nobody was there to pick up the phone in offices.

“The pandemic hit, and we needed mobile numbers to get in front of our decision-makers,” Mecca said. “We did not have them with the platform we were using, so it became imperative to find a new solution.”

While looking for a new solution, another priority was that the data vendor ought to be easy to use for all the salespeople individually. They were tired of bottlenecks when only a few team members had to pull contacts for the rest of the team.

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Signing up for SalesIntel

While StorySlab was looking for a new solution, they discovered SalesIntel and signed up for a trial primarily for the mobile number data set.

“We tested the mobile numbers for a week, and we watched the [conversation] rate that had plummeted come back to life. At the end of the day for us, that’s all that mattered,” Mecca said.

“The fact that we were able to get access for the entire team at that price, I think it’s very important. That’s a definite differentiation from the competition.”

The simple UI/UX of SalesIntel was also a contributing factor as it had a minimum learning curve and allowed their teams to be productive right away.

“It had the best mix of easy-to-use interfaces with rich data that gave flexibility to every user. There are a lot of criteria they could search and sort by as well as the ability to quickly filter down to the exact person you needed. So they weren’t spending time searching. They were spending time reaching out.”

After the papers were signed, SalesIntel provided seamless onboarding, and StorySlab continues to receive updates and training for any new features.

“The onboarding was quick, but the ongoing support is where we are going to see the most value.”

More Conversations, More Opportunities

After StorySlab started using SalesIntel, the first thing they realized was that access to mobile numbers largely negated the impact of the pandemic. They were having as many conversations as they did before.

On top of that, since all the sales reps use the platform independently, they can uncover more ICPs and bring more insights to the table. The sales reps became more productive by shortening the time it takes to get in front of the decision-maker.

“They [sales reps] are having more conversations with the right people. They are able to qualify faster and that gives them time to focus on the parts and opportunities that are most successful,” Mecca said.

“It’s not just the mobile data. It’s the full suite of all key data in one place. It gives a sense of what opportunities are out there.”

StorySlab is pleased to have achieved everything they expected from SalesIntel and continues to be excited about new features and updates that will make their sales process even better.