Rockhammer Talent Solutions: Driving Recruitment Through Concierge Data Research on Demand

“With SalesIntel, we can be sure the data is correct and we can better plan things out”

David Yonenson, Managing Partner at Rockhammer

About Rockhammer

Rockhammer Talent Solutions is an IT staffing firm focused on staffing and direct hire. Having 7+ years of experience and a headcount of over 70, the company primarily operates in the DC metro area as well as 7-8 other states. Being heavily focused on the government sector – both state and local, Rockhammer also offers staffing solutions to commercial and non-profit entities. 

We had a nice long chat with David Yonenson, Managing Partner at Rockhammer, to learn their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their discovery and outreach process. Here’s a brief excerpt:

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The Challenge

Operating in a niche industry and specific geographical territories, the company has always needed highly specific data for effective outreach. For that, Rockhammer has traditionally used LinkedIn and other free data discovery tools to research and reach out to ideal prospects. 

But given their constraints, there were numerous bottlenecks and the process wasn’t as efficient as they’d like it to be. So they needed a better solution to serve their data needs and in the process, improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

They had briefly subscribed to other popular data providers but as David put it, “We didn’t find the value for what the cost was. We were paying for a lot of stuff that we’d never need to use”. 

It is during this time while they were looking for a more viable solution that one of their advisors, who is also an investor in SalesIntel, made the introduction. 

Leveraging Data for Better Efficiency

As David explained, information about their geographic territory, company size, etc. is crucial for the company to properly identify and target new accounts, something SalesIntel provides. 

Also, SalesIntel’s Research-on-Demand service enables Rockhammer to effectively target smaller companies on their list as they aren’t generally covered by data providers and it takes intensive research to find the requisite information. 

“If we do research and reach out, and it fails, we’ll have a hard time going back in. With you, we can be sure the data is correct and we can better plan things out” David explained regarding the challenges of conducting research in-house. 

As for the platform, they found it easy and intuitive and so the onboarding process was also quick. They were so impressed by the attentive followup that they went as far as saying “the best thing about SalesIntel is its people and customer service.”

SalesIntel so far has been a welcome addition to their tech stack that has drastically improved their efficiency and outreach to discover and connect with more suitable prospects.