Relatient: 25% Less Prospecting, 25% More Selling

SalesIntel makes it possible to reach customers we couldn’t reach before.

John Perry, Sales Development Manager at Relatient

About the Client

Relatient  is a fully cloud-based patient engagement platform that offers a full range of services for patient and practice convenience, with a particular focus on patient-centric solutions. Being 100% HIPPA and TCPA compliant, the company provides solutions like schedule management, payment management, multi-location management, and more that ultimately brings down no-show rates and improves patient convenience. Also, the company delivers all its services through direct messages, phone calls, or emails (no apps or portals) to ensure maximum convenience, engagement, and compliance. 

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The Challenge

Serving a massive addressable market, Relatient has been rapidly scaling its operations across the board, especially sales outreach. The company has doubled its Enterprise sales headcount over the last few months and is aggressively pushing to gain a larger footprint.

But as they scaled, its sales team soon faced a bottleneck – data. Since they didn’t have a large reliable database, their salespeople had to spend significant time on prospecting and the results weren’t always as effective as they desired.

“Our teams were going on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, Google, Yellowpages, trying to find the phone numbers of practices we wanted to target”, said John referring to how their sales team used to find contact information for their prospects.

“You can find the HQ number anywhere, but it’s very useful to have the direct dials and mobile numbers” he continued, pointing to the inefficiencies of navigating gatekeepers.

Signing up for SalesIntel 

Having used ZoomInfo at his previous company, John knew exactly what his team needed – a large, reliable source of contact data. The challenge, however, was to find a vendor that was more cost effective, thus he went looking for a more affordable and reliable solution to serve his needs.

Since John had experienced data quality issues in the past, he was cautious about who he should choose as his data vendor at Relatient.

While doing his research, John discovered SalesIntel and was instantly sold on the 95% data accuracy and human-verification processes, coupled with a reasonable license fee.

More Data, Wider Outreach

Once the paperwork was complete, Relatient’s team was seamlessly onboarded and SalesIntel easily integrated into their existing tech stack.

“The onboarding was very easy. It’s all very clearly laid out for all integrations.. totally seamless”, said John about the initial touch.

After their team started digging in and found the data they needed, they quickly began to scale their outreach with significant improvements in sales efficiency and productivity.

“We have a very active team that used about 41,000 credits in like a month. For me, that’s 41,000 people we didn’t have contact info on before”, John explained.

On top of that, SalesIntel’s robust integration with their existing tech stack made their workflows a lot more efficient, saving time and effort for their team.

“The ability to put someone straight into a sequence in Outreach right from SalesIntel and pull them into Salesforce in a few clicks.. That’s a game-changer. Previously, that took many cumbersome steps” said John about the team’s new workflows.

As they scaled their database and outreach, the sales team could now reach more people, have more conversations, and by extension, create more opportunities. With the right data from SalesIntel, Relatient can now target their entire addressable market and precisely zero in on their best-fit prospects.

“The Relatient platform can be used by massive health & hospital systems, as well as a single provider practice in a small town… SalesIntel makes it possible to reach out to them all”, John noted.

As a result, Relatient has realized a time savings of at least 25% in prospecting, owing to more and higher quality data and the workflow efficiencies delivered by SalesIntel. And less time prospecting means more time having conversations and actually selling.

They are also quite impressed with SalesIntel’s prompt support and constant check-ins, particularly because John didn’t have the best experience with the customer support he had received from previous vendors.

“We have a ton of sequences… Very complex… And even when we hit a snag, [and contacted customer support] the response was immediate… Like within a half an hour”, he said about SalesIntel’s support.

Overall, Relatient is very pleased with the choice to go with SalesIntel and that their expectations have been met on all fronts- data, price, and support.

“The alternative was 3X the price. What if the data wasn’t there? SalesIntel is a great alternative”, said John referring to his choice to sign up for SalesIntel.

“We love the tool.. And we are learning to use it better. We look forward to using the new features like Bombora’s intent data and taking more advantage of Research on Demand,” John concluded.