RedMonocle Case Study: Reaching Companies You Wouldn’t Reach Otherwise

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Introducing RedMonocle

RedMonocle is a purpose-built software asset management solution that enables companies to solve IT tool sprawl by automating the assessment and rationalization of tool portfolios and giving clients visibility into tool performance and ROI; while managing compliance and risk.

RedMonocle was built to help enterprises win the battle against IT tool sprawl.

We sat down to talk with Steve Davis, Director of Sales at RedMonocle.

Struggling to Find Company Data

Before SalesIntel, RedMonocle was struggling to find contact data for targeted prospects.

“I’ve had LinkedIn and Sales Navigator for years, so I’ve been leveraging those,” Davis said. “But, they don’t give you email addresses or phone numbers, so ability to make contact was limited.”

The internet was used for additional research when necessary, but it was excessively time-consuming. When RedMonocle’s CEO connected Davis with SalesIntel’s CEO, Davis was already interested in having a go-to solution research target companies and industries.

“It’s essential to get names, plus emails, and phone numbers. That’s what
we value the most.”

“The competitors in this space are expensive and SalesIntel’s differentiator was the promise of human-verified information and the fact that you were an innovative start-up was a good match,” Davis said. “Their agility and fresher outlook [of SalesIntel] were attractive.”

Davis quickly picked up on the advantages of always having a quick response and the SalesIntel focus on customer service. “If you have a question you want to get to someone responsive. SalesIntel is doing that and doing that right. High marks on customer service and support.”

Building the Relationship and Finding the Contacts

Davis was already familiar with similar data tools and it was easy to onboard RedMonocle with SalesIntel.

As an early adopter, there were a couple of bumps with features that were still in the early stages. Davis was able to talk directly with Gary Grinev, Vice President of Product & Customer Success, and Gary Holtz, Senior Director of Data and Sales Enablement.

“They [Grinev and Holtz] were very patient. They appreciated the product feedback. We have a good relationship and I‘ve been impressed by that level of customer service,” Davis said. “For instance, I’ve pointed out challenges with the Salesforce integration, and they have been involved with investigating and understanding our unique Salesforce instance, to addressing the various issues.”

The excellent customer service combined with the quality of the human-verified data has helped RedMonocle reach new prospects they wouldn’t have reached otherwise.

“SalesIntel has helped me get beyond square one. It gives me access to the companies and titles I’m interested in, and the information I need. If I didn’t have that, my path to sales would be much slower.”