ProGlove: Pivoting from In-Person Networking to a Trusted Data Provider


The Client

ProGlove is a wearable tech company that makes award-winning wearable wireless barcode scanners using BLE or RF technology for ergonomic and efficient hands-free workflows. The company offers numerous solutions to streamline and accelerate supply chains across industries while improving efficiency and minimizing errors.

We sat down with Brian Bugge, Director of North American Sales at ProGlove to learn about their experience using SalesIntel.

The Challenge

Being a wearable tech company operating in the B2B space, ProGlove thrives in the traditional networking environments like events and tradeshows where they can present live demos and generate traction. Events remained their top lead gen source until the pandemic struck and forced everyone to stay at home.

With their main lead source gone overnight, ProGlove quickly pivoted to digital channels to compensate for some of those losses. At the time, they had been using another provider for their data needs. But, they soon realized it didn’t deliver the value they wanted. The data quality wasn’t on par with what they expected. Plus, it was too expensive.

As Bugge started looking for a better solution, he reached out to his coworkers at his previous company who had started using SalesIntel, and they suggested the same for him.

“We needed a tool that didn’t cost as much as our previous provider and was able to provide the expected quality of data,” said Bugge about his simple checklist when looking for a new data vendor.


Signing up for SalesIntel

After the papers were signed, ProGlove’s onboarding was quick and seamless to ensure they hit the ground running.

“We had the documentation. Our sales ops did all the backend integrations, did a couple of tests, and away we went. I don’t remember there being any issues or complications,” Bugge said.

Their team also received training to ensure they used the full potential of the platform and were fully informed about the easiest workflows.

“[SalesIntel] doesn’t have all the extra bells and whistles. It is easy to use and integrates well into the tools we use. That’s all we need,” Bugge said.

The Solution

After ProGlove started using SalesIntel, they quickly realized the value it could bring given the disruptions in the usual channels. They mostly used the platform to get contact information of specific prospects and were satisfied with the data quality.

One of their key takeaways with SalesIntel is that they are now getting the same data quality at a much more affordable rate and the added feature of Research-on-Demand comes as an assurance to fill any gaps in coverage.

Bugge was also quite appreciative of the prompt customer support in case they hit any snags, something which was missing in their previous vendor