PhoenixNAP: More Conversations, More Opportunities Using SalesIntel

The Client

PhoenixNAP is a global IT solutions provider that offers a full range of IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service) solutions. Serving businesses of all scales and industries across the globe, the company’s cutting-edge cloud solutions coupled with its agility and customer obsession make it one of the leading players in the industry.

We interviewed Bryan Cole, Senior Business Solutions Executive at PhoenixNAP, to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and the impact it had on their sales efforts.

The Challenge

Despite serving a large addressable market, PhoenixNAP has traditionally taken a targeted approach to find and reach out to new prospects. Rather than targeting an industry or persona all at once, they carefully prospect and curate each individual to generate more engagement and high-quality leads.

Before SalesIntel, their sales team typically relied on LinkedIn, Chrome extensions, and some general research to get the information they needed to identify and target ideal buyers. The process, however, was often slow, inefficient, and unreliable. This became particularly problematic when remote working became the new normal and call connection rates suddenly plummeted.

To offset such effects and make their sales process more efficient and robust, the company decided to invest in a sales intelligence solution.


Signing up for SalesIntel

When Cole was first asked to use the SalesIntel platform and provide his feedback to the decision-makers, he was excited to learn what it offered.

“I know who I want to talk to and if I have a resource that can provide me with those key ingredients all day long, yes! I am a big fan,” Cole said.

As he started using the platform, he quickly realized its true potential and loved how it complemented his general approach of targeted prospecting.

“I just feel that it allows me to target who I want to target. I think that’s the biggest selling point that you guys can make is that, if I want to be incredibly specific, I can be.”

After using the platform in the trial period, he loved everything it had to offer, and the decision-makers decided to partner with SalesIntel.

“You guys hit it on all bases,” he remarked on his overall experience.

Immense Time Savings, More Opportunities

The first thing Bryan realized after integrating SalesIntel into his sales workflow was the high data accuracy enabled him to reach out to prospects without double-checking the data and thus saving a lot of time.

Also, he loved the fact that he now had access to the mobile numbers of their prospects as direct dials had become less effective, and people didn’t always respond to their emails.

“If you get a certain amount of email kickbacks, you become labeled as a spammer. We don’t want to be labeled as spammers. I’m not going to say SalesIntel is 100% because I don’t think anybody can be. People leave positions, things change. It happens, but it’s been incredibly reliable for what I do and what I’ve done in the past,” Cole said.

“When you provide me cell phone numbers, I can catch them off guard. I’ve actually had a handful of really, really solid conversations. There’s one company that I’m not allowed to mention because we’d have to do an NDA, really big. I got him on the phone, and he came out and toured our data center. I wouldn’t have had that number if it wasn’t for SalesIntel.”

He also liked the intent data feature to find interested buyers and is excited about its long-term possibilities in generating more engagement and shortening sales cycles.

“It’s a unique service. I haven’t really come across anybody that’s allowed me to target somebody based on disaster recovery [or any intent topic]. If they’re doing a research effort, then I can be the guy that says, ‘Oh, hey, I just happen to be working in this space. Are you interested?’ They’re like, ‘Yes, wow, great timing!’ That’s the phone call I’d love to get into.”

Another thing Cole found beneficial was our Research-on-Demand service to request data that isn’t currently available thus saving him valuable time otherwise spent on finding that information.

“One thing that I love about what you provide as a service is that if it’s not something that you have now, you have the Verify button that I can click that will get me that information, same day, typically. I know that if it’s being verified, I’m getting the best information. Very, very helpful.”

All of this data and features have now significantly improved their sales process and the improvement is directly reflected in the number of conversations they have. With less prospecting to do, they can now reach more people and generate more opportunities.

“I find that I’m able to contact more people weekly. I’m talking maybe 150, 200 touches per week for both email and phone calls, and that to me, by just numbers, [indicate] gains are going to generate.

“The time I save on prospecting allows me to do everything else that I’m hired to do – bring revenue to the company.”