Peak Power: 100-150% Increase in Engagements Using SalesIntel

Peak Power

Peak Power creates AI-powered solutions that enable building/operators, Property Managers, and Facility Managers to achieve greater energy savings through recommendations and predictive analytics. Peak Power’score expertise in energy forecasting and optimization, along with Energy Storage devices helps reduce demand charges and allows these devices to participate in front-of-meter revenue opportunities to turn a building into a revenue generator. Peak Power is helping to future-proof a building for the upcoming mass adoption of Electric Vehicles.

We interviewed Andy Redick, Director of Business Development – Western Region at Peak Power Inc to understand the challenges in their sales and marketing process and how SalesIntel is helping alleviate them.

Power of Targeted Outreach

While Peak Power serves a massive addressable market, they have always been highly targeted in their sales and marketing campaigns. Valuing engagement over volume, they have built elaborate sales processes to identify and nurture key Stakeholders to generate maximum traction. Typically, they use a four-step outreach process that includes emails, calls, and LinkedIn messages with follow-ups after every communication.

Given their need for precision, they wanted highly segmented data with good coverage for niche domains which is why they came to SalesIntel. Also, they extensively use SFDC and Hubspot for tracking and reporting to ensure they can quickly identify and replicate what’s effective and pivot from what’s not. So, they needed a data solution that was fully integrated with the tools they already use.


Engaging More Prospects With SalesIntel

Since deploying SalesIntel, Peak Power has been able to refine and execute its targeted campaigns to perfection. With access to a vast database and numerous filters, they now pick specific titles and create segmented lists for outreach.

“Our highly targeted approach needs accurate data,” Redick said. “With SalesIntel, the data is pretty accurate, and mobile phone numbers are gold.”

Coupled with high data accuracy, their targeted approach has helped them not only reach their ideal audience but also generate more engagement than before.

“We have registered a 100-150% increase in engagement with the 4-step approach.”

At the time of the interview, Redick already had 7 meetings set for the next week using SalesIntel and had engaged 2 top-tier accounts – encouraging signs of continued success.

“I have been using my 4-step sales approach for 10+ years. The integration of SFDC, Outlook, and SalesIntel is a game-changer for getting to the right people and companies quickly!”