Map My Customers: 100% Jump in Call-to-Connect Ratio

The Client

Map My Customers is a SaaS-based sales platform designed specifically for simplifying field sales management. Their mobile-first tool enables reps to manage their day-to-day activities and stay organized on-the-go.

We sat down with Natalie Marcotullio, Chief of Staff at Map My Customers, for a nice chat about their experience using SalesIntel.

The Data Challenge

Serving a large addressable market, high-quality data at scale remains a key requisite for Map My Customer’s sales and marketing efforts. Before partnering with SalesIntel, they used ZoomInfo as their primary source of data for lead gen purposes.

However, the problem was that the data quality wasn’t on par with their expectations.

“While Zoominfo might have more data, we found out it wasn’t of the highest quality,” Marcotullio said.

Also, Map My Customers needed a lot more mobile numbers than ZoomInfo had. A few other unforeseen changes further aggravated the problem.

“ZoomInfo was lacking in terms of mobile numbers we wanted, and at one point, they took away mobile numbers with no notice. They kind of changed how you access data and who gets it without letting us know,” she explained about the immediate reason that prompted the need for a new solution.

“Since they had scaled so big, they didn’t care about what one customer experiences,” Marcoutullio said about her overall experience with ZoomInfo.

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Signing up for SalesIntel

Facing such challenges, Natalie was tasked with finding a new lead sourcing platform. Since they were already using ZoomInfo, their main focus was on getting the highest quality data possible.

“I basically did a Google search and looked at a few different groups to check the kind of options out there and found out about 5-6 platforms. In that process, I came across SalesIntel and took a demo,” she said about her research process.

Better Data, More Conversations

With SalesIntel added to their sales and marketing stack, Map My Customers quickly filled their quality data gap. The high-quality data ensured their sales team was more productive by having more conversations with fewer dials.

“With human-verified and non-verified data, you have a bigger bank… We find that human-verified is almost always accurate,” Marcotullio said.

This influx of high-quality data was reflected in their call-to-connect ratio when it jumped from 9-10% to 15-20% – a 100% spike. The jump in conversations was as if the sales team had doubled the number of calls they were making.

Along with the data already in SalesIntel’s portal, Map My Customers also loves using the Research-on-Demand service to get specific data points with a quick turnaround time.

“If we don’t have a lead, our BDRs have told us that they can get a response within an hour or two.”

Marcotullio also appreciated SalesIntel’s receptive and helpful customer support, particularly the dedicated Customer Success Manager.

“Part of our frustration with ZoomInfo was it felt like it took a long time to get responses. A one-on-one CSM [at SalesIntel] helping us out has been awesome.”

After using SalesIntel for six months, Map My Customers is pleased with the quality of the product and service and hopes to further strengthen the partnership by fully committing to SalesIntel.

“We signed up for SalesIntel as a supplement for ZoomInfo, but we are hoping to eventually replace it.”