Magenic: A Strategic Transition – Getting More Reliable Data at Half the Cost

“We get solid, accurate data from SalesIntel at a fraction of the cost we were paying before.”

Pat Wisniewski, Business Development Team Member at Magenic

About Magenic

Magenic is a software development consultancy and solutions provider. They help businesses develop the right strategies, optimize their processes, and provide the right people to deliver their digital products faster.. Having been around for over twenty five years and operating from several locations in the US, Magenic remains one of the industry leaders committed to providing best-in-class software for its clients. 

We sat down with Pat Wisniewski, Business Development Researcher at Magenic to talk about their experiences using SalesIntel. Here’s what we learned:

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The Challenge 

With Magenic having outside sales, and business development reps, Magenic thrives on a strong sales pipeline which consistently needs to be fed good quality B2B data at scale. For this, they have multiple partnerships including contracting one of the popular names in the B2B data world (which also happens to be one of the most expensive ones).

To move forward with the times, Magenic’s Sales Reps are now being asked to do most of their prospecting and adopting a more of an ABM (Account-based marketing) strategy. With the team operating from different locations, this means they needed multiple licenses, thus drastically shooting up the cost of an already expensive solution, and they also needed to continue working with accurate data. So they went looking for an alternative.

Signing up for SalesIntel 

At the time Magenic was evaluating companies that offered direct dial #’s, correct job titles and current email addresses (accurate data), they were contacted by SalesIntel with a proposition they couldn’t refuse. It was simple- we will provide the same quality data, if not better, at a considerably lower cost than you currently pay. They compared other alternatives in the market, took us up for a trial and ultimately signed up for SalesIntel.  

Smooth Onboarding, Seamless Transition 

After papers were signed, it was time to initiate the onboarding process ensuring there was as little friction as possible. In Pat’s own words, “The onboarding process was excellent. It was informative and after 2-3 training sessions for the team, they were up and running.” 

Beyond that, there were also 1:1 training sessions when required and as it is always with large teams like at Magenic, there are constantly new employees joining the team so additional trainings are required from time to time.  

The team overall was quite pleased with the new solution. The interface was easier to use and the data quality was better than expected. For the management, it came at a lower cost so the transition wasn’t just seamless but also a win-win.