LSG: 80% Faster Prospecting Time With SalesIntel

The Client

LSG is one of the leading legal tech companies that offers enterprise software for insurance companies, third-party administrators, and self-insured companies. They help their clients manage legal operations and all associated expenses such as the cost of outside counsel, adjunct professionals and non-legal vendors working on a legal matter.

With over 17 years of experience and expertise, LSG remains the leading player in its domain and has saved over $1.2B for its clients through its innovative solutions.

We sat down with Joakim Hjønnevåg, VP of Marketing at LSG to have a conversation about their experience using SalesIntel and the value it has brought to their outreach efforts.

The Challenge

Working a niche market, LSG had traditionally relied on manual processes to find ideal accounts and prospects. They had in-house dedicated researchers to find and track requisite information, but the process was slow, tedious, and inefficient.

“It took too much of our sales team’s time. We want them to be calling good leads all the time rather than looking for good leads”, said Hjønnevåg pointing to the flaws in their previous workflow.

Facing such bottlenecks, Hjønnevåg needed a solution to improve their prospecting speed and generate high-quality leads. He wanted to ensure the sales team had all the tools and resources they needed to be more efficient.

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Signing up for SalesIntel

As they went around shopping for a new viable solution, one of our AE’s reached out to their VP of Sales on LinkedIn and became a part of the conversation.

“We were looking at competitors like Cognism and ZoomInfo, but after a demo and an excellent sales process from you guys, we found that it was the best solution for us,” Hjønnevåg said. He received hands-on experience with SalesIntel and got to look at Research on Demand credits and other benefits of the software.

As part of their assessment process, LSG also requested data samples from SalesIntel and other alternatives and found SalesIntel’s data quality better than the others.

The availability of mobile numbers was also a major plus as mobile had become the go-to outreach channel for the WFH environment. To test the limits of our mobile phone coverage, they even dialed the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, and reached his receptionist. Apparently, Cook was across the campus at the moment so it saved both of them an awkward conversation.

Better Data, More Prospecting

After LSG started using SalesIntel, they quickly realized the depth of data and powerful search filters that made it easy to navigate their target accounts and quickly build prospect lists.

“We have a set of specific titles that are relevant for us. It [the search filters] makes it super simple for us to get purely relevant lists,” Hjønnevåg said.

The new process was a major upgrade from their previous manual process and meant their sales team could now reach a larger audience since less time had to be spent finding contacts.

“It’s now come to a point where we have a system where one goes in, pulls a list of leads, and puts it into the CRM. The VP of Sales goes to the CRM and can immediately start calling. There is no manual effort required. It’s really sped up our process.”

Owing to this improved workflow and better data availability, Hjønnevåg estimated that the sales team is now saving up to 80% of prospecting time which is a huge boost to their overall sales efforts.

LSG is currently in the process of completely revamping and revving up their sales process, particularly the outbound efforts, and considers SalesIntel a major component of that process moving forward. Though they have a long sales cycle, they are confident that adding SalesIntel will soon deliver dividends.

“SalesIntel is the perfect mix of everything we needed.”