JP Enterprises: 5X More Conversations Using SalesIntel

The Client

Founded in 1994, JP Enterprises (JPE) is a privately owned marketing agency that started as a small creative and graphic design company. Through the years it has grown into a company serving multiple Fortune 500 Companies and comprising of three divisions: digital/ interactive, creative, and publishing/ print, working with Tech, Industrial, Higher Education, Athletic Organizations, Government Agencies, and B2B and B2C clients. Headquartered in Pennsylvania, JPE’s excellence is known nationally, serving clients and organizations from coast to coast.

We interviewed Bryan Nemec, Director of Business Development, at JP Enterprises to learn about their experience using SalesIntel and how it’s impacted their sales and marketing efforts.

The Challenge

While JP Enterprises has a large clientele with lots of staple clients, the pandemic-induced budget cuts and freezes meant they suddenly found themselves stranded. With fewer new projects taking off, they needed to ramp up their sales and marketing efforts to build a sales pipeline and find more opportunities.

They were already using a data vendor named Seamless, but it wasn’t nearly enough to meet the scale and precision they needed for their campaigns. This is why they went out looking for a more exhaustive solution better suited to their needs.

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Signing up for SalesIntel

As Nemec was exploring available options in the market, he was reached by one of our Account Executives, Jason Rosenthal, and decided to take a demo. He was immediately impressed with the data platform and the overall sales experience and decided to pitch the solution to his CEO.

“I was so sold by Jason, what I saw and what I researched on you guys, it was just a one-horse race,” Nemec said about his overall assessment before signing up for SalesIntel.

“I said, ‘You want to save me 25 hours a month, we get the software. Think how valuable that is to you. What else can a director do in 25 hours? Be more strategic.’”

Nemec’s key line of argument eventually convinced the CEO, and they were off to the races.

More Opportunities, Immense Time Savings

After papers were signed, a quick onboarding and training were provided to ensure they went up and running in no time.

JP Enterprises generally runs massive sales and marketing campaigns targeting tens of thousands of accounts at once. So as Nemec included SalesIntel into that process, he quickly realized the immense value it could deliver by accelerating and shortening the process of identifying the right accounts and reaching out to the right people.

“To go to the website, verify it, find the company information, find the contact – people we need to find, and then verify them. To make one call, you’re looking at an hour’s worth of research. Multiply that by 8000 because that’s how many websites we have on one list.”

With SalesIntel, they can now use the extensive filters and Research-on-Demand to get the data they need in no time without any hassle.

“You could hire me three people, and they couldn’t do what you guys do: what your system does,” he said, appraising the boost in productivity.

With less time wasted on prospecting and verifying data, Nemec can use more of his day on what matters the most – talking to prospects and creating opportunities.

“Now I can get 25 to 30 calls done in a day, where before, with everything else going on, I probably would’ve been lucky to get five.”

And as he reaches out to more prospects, it also directly reflects on the bottom line in the shape of improved revenue.

“We probably would’ve been talking a couple of hundred thousand dollars in projected revenue for it instead of one to one point five [million] on the low end. For one initiative, that’s a pretty huge difference,” he said about one of his campaigns with SalesIntel.

Another thing Nemec loves about working with SalesIntel is our prompt and resourceful customer success team that is always willing and able to solve any issues they might have.

“I could email her [the CS Manager] 20 times a day, and she’d answer them all. All the resources are also there. All you have to do is get your training.”

From immense time savings to broader outreach to more opportunities, JP Enterprises is getting everything they expected from their investment in SalesIntel. It has helped them scale, streamline, and accelerate their sales and marketing efforts. They are confident SalesIntel will continue to deliver dividends in the long term as well.