ImpacSystems: $300K in New Opportunities per Rep in 3 Months

“I have around $300K worth of opportunities in the pipeline because of SalesIntel in 3 months”

Patrick Gunnels, Account Executive

About ImpacSystems

Based out of Temple Texas, ImpacSystems is a one-stop provider of core engineering solutions. With key competencies in engineering software, services, 3D printing, computational fluid dynamics simulation and more, the company has been around for over 30 years and remains one of the leaders in its industry.

We sat down with Patrick Gunnels, Account Executive at Impac Systems to learn about their experiences using SalesIntel and the results it has delivered.

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The Challenges

Being a core engineering company, ImpacSystems has always recognized who their target customers are but never really had a clear path for getting in front of them. Despite having two very popular tools integrated into their sales stack, the process was still fuzzy and required a lot of guesswork.

Like a lot of businesses, the company had been previously using LinkedIn Sales Navigator for prospecting which worked well for finding prospects but didn’t quite meet their needs when it came to getting in touch with them. As Patrick explained, “It’s not easy to track down the email address or direct phone number for a C-level executive”. This meant they were using inordinate amounts of time hunting for the right contacts which in turn took its toll on sales productivity.

“I have used LinkedIn Navigator since it was invented and it is good but it doesn’t give you the email addresses and phone numbers” Patrick noted. “In this day and age, the two most important pieces of information are email addresses and phone numbers”, he added.

To ease these pain points, they had been using a well-established data partner, which instead of solving the problem brought its own set of challenges. To start with, the data quality wasn’t on par with their expectations and thus every record needed to be double-checked before reaching out – requiring additional overhead. The data coverage was also lacking, with far too many omissions restricting their ability to find new accounts.

Given these challenges, ImpacSystems was looking for some kind of an integrated solution that could streamline its sales process with high-quality data at the core to boost their productivity, and by extension, revenues.

Better Data, More Opportunities

After onboarding SalesIntel, things immediately started to move in the right direction. The team of 5 account executives at the company found themselves using a much more organized system with minimal need for manual research or any sort of guesswork.

As Patrick explained his new workflow, “I just pick a company name and narrow down by job title. Every time I get in touch with somebody, it’s just one more opportunity to find out who the right person to talk to is.”

“And it’s really simple to do that with SalesIntel”, he continued.

The process that previously took hours has now been effectively reduced to a matter of minutes- enabling sales guys to double-down on their outreach efforts.

Not only has such a direct approach brought down the research time but it has also significantly improved the quality of outreach calls and emails as well.

“I like the fact that I can look for a company specifically and then drill down the company contacts. I was able to get a really high-level meeting with the chief digital officer of a very high-value target just through using company drill-down” said Patrick explaining the effectiveness of the new sales approach.

And it isn’t just anecdotes. Such improved processes have readily converted into concrete numbers as well. Within just 3 months, a single account executive has generated around $300K worth of opportunities in the pipeline thanks to SalesIntel.

Looking Forward

Though still in its early phase of adopting SalesIntel, Impac Systems is excited with the early results and the immense potential it holds for increasing its pipeline, cutting down inefficiencies, and act as a single-window operation for targeting their ICP. They now have access to the right data and insights which they continue to leverage for boosting their capabilities and outreach.