GBS and SalesIntel “The Right Provider for Full Data Coverage”

Introducing GBS

GBS is a leading information solutions provider, partnering with some of the world’s most established brand names as well as smaller forward-thinking organizations. Founded as a printer and distributor 50 years ago, GBS’ innovation has expanded to include Content Management, Data Protection, IT & Networking, Collections, Healthcare, Labeling & Print, and Marketing solutions.

We sat down to talk with Gregg Fine, Chief Marketing Officer at GBS, about why SalesIntel was a good fit for his organization and how SalesIntel has been helping them win deals.

Choosing SalesIntel for Full Data Coverage

Before SalesIntel, GBS had a variety of data solutions they used depending on the industry they served. For example, they had a solution that provided several details on healthcare organizations, but contact and demographic information was non-existent for the other industries their organization served. 

Fine and his team also tried other full-service data providers.

“We did use ZoomInfo for a little while, but it did not have intent data, which is a key feature of SalesIntel,” Fine said.

Both intent data, which shows you companies already shopping for a solution, and VisitorIntel, which shows companies with multiple visitors on your site, were unique value propositions of SalesIntel. Combining the two types of data became a key part of the sales and marketing process for GBS.

“We notice who lands on our website, and then we research through the intent piece of it, and we find out what those organizations are searching for. Because we impact so many industries, that’s important to us. We’re able to narrow down our sweet spot of what we need to target with those organizations and then research the contacts that are in the position to be the buyers.”

Using all the data together was not something GBS had available with other data providers. They would also purchase contact lists, but struggled with data decay.

“Once you buy a list, that’s the list you get. It doesn’t get updated regularly. The good thing with SalesIntel is the information. They continually update the database so that information is getting improved on an ongoing basis.”

SalesIntel covers the wide range of industries GBS sells to. Whether looking up C-Level contacts or office managers, Fine could easily locate the information in SalesIntel.

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Training and Onboarding Smoothly

Once GBS moved forward with SalesIntel, they went through a smooth and quick onboarding process.

“The onboarding was very positive,” Fine said. “It offered two main sessions to get everybody trained. I think the sessions were probably an hour for the first one with the managers, and maybe an hour and 15-minute training for the employees.”

After the training sessions, SalesIntel’s Customer Success representative recorded extra sessions to help new employees in the future. And, one-on-one training time was available for any employees who needed extra assistance. 

“They stepped in and have done a fantastic job meeting with us regularly. In fact, I think I have a meeting every two weeks with them, as well as strategy sessions to make sure they understand how we’re utilizing the software and what changes need to be made on our end or on their end.”

“I think ultimately the onboarding process was very smooth and streamlined.”

Reorganizing and Targeting for Success 

In the past, GBS’s business development team had been organized by geography, but Fine knew this style wasn’t the most effective. With SalesIntel, the BD team was restructured to focus on verticals and calling warm leads.

“What we do is pool the intent data with VisitorIntel, and we cross-reference it,” Fine said. “Anything that matches up within that division, that BD rep sits with the sales manager and they make calls to those individuals who were on that list for that week.”

By combining intent and VisitorIntel data, the team can confirm which companies are interested in buying (based on VisitorIntel) and establish which of their solutions they were likely researching (based on intent data).

Even if a company wasn’t yet in a buying position, SalesIntel made sure all the relevant decision-makers could be added to future marketing campaigns.

“SalesIntel is very beneficial because if we’re pinpointing a certain person within an organization that we want to touch, we can do something down the road. We have their email and their phone number. 

“I think that’s very important and ultimately if we’re going to conduct specific campaigns for our unique business divisions, that’s where a lot of that data will come into play. We’re leveraging this data today and will continue to leverage it in the future.”

With SalesIntel, GBS has been able to successfully reorganize its sales team and keep both its sales and marketing pipelines full.

Finding New Data Whenever Needed

With their long list of specialized industries, occasionally GBS will discover a need for data not already in SalesIntel or that needs to be human-verified before being utilized. With SalesIntel’s Research On Demand service, Fine can make a list of exactly what they need and receive the data back within the week.

“We’ve used Research On Demand quite a bit in the past, and that has been beneficial because they turn it around very quickly for us, even though I think they give us about a week. I think whenever we’ve turned in our list, we’ve received everything back within a couple of days. They’re pretty quick with returning what we need.”

Utilizing the research team has been especially helpful as industries like healthcare have been experiencing high levels of turnover. If GBS wants to contact someone, but the data in SalesIntel has already become out of date within the 90-day refresh period, they can reach out to SalesIntel and the correct data will be identified and sent over.

Out-of-date data being quickly corrected is a big selling point for Fine. Other data providers frequently have no system in place to address data issues. But with SalesIntel, instead of having to cross your fingers and hope the problem gets fixed, you’ll have your contact to work with and the data you need.

Another useful tool for gathering critical data for the GBS team has been the RevDriver Chrome extension. RevDriver gives access to the SalesIntel database while browsing the web in Chrome.

“There are three or four managers that love RevDriver and use it all the time. Just because they’re on a website and they’re looking up contacts especially if somebody passes them a lead. Somebody refers something to them, and they need to go to that website. They don’t know all the contacts, but they hit the RevDriver, and it provides them with all the information that they need.”

With Research On Demand and RevDriver, GBS always has access to fresh, accurate data wherever and whenever they need it.

“I would say Research On Demand, RevDriver, intent data, and VisitorIntel are the main capabilities that our managers and the employees like the best about SalesIntel.”

Winning Deals with SalesIntel

Using SalesIntel is already starting to pay off. Within the first few months of usage, new opportunities were uncovered for GBS.

“One organization that we have landed could be a multimillion-dollar opportunity for us this year through using Intent Data and VisitorIntel. Our team contacted the right people within that organization through our research and they have several opportunities, some of them being million-dollar opportunities.”

New deals have already started to close or enter the final stages of the sales process. By combining all the features of SalesIntel, GBS is looking forward to a big fiscal year.